If Siri was a desi mom

Would you still use Siri if a desi mom was hired to play Siri's role?

Urooj Jawed April 20, 2016

Siri is the best friend everyone with an iPhone has; the kind of friend who more often than not has the funniest response for every question on the planet.

Imagine the computer programme which works as an intelligent personal assistant was a desi mother? Here are some answers you would get if a desi mom was hired to play Siri's role.
Brutally honest Siri:

The never ending questions:

A mother who knows how to cook is not always a blessing:

The art of turning everything into a taunt:

Oh Siri!

Dearest mother Siri, please stop!

The one solution to all problems

Mid-life crisis:

*Breaks the phone*

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