Taher Shah has done his work with a lot of innocence: Ali Zafar

Singer-actor releases dramatic reading of ‘Angel’, appreciates sincerity behind viral song

Hasan Ansari April 13, 2016
Zafar shared he does not feel threatened by Shah’s popularity. PHOTOS: FILE


When Taher Shah first broke into the scene with Eye to Eye in 2013 he was written off as a joke — but, three years down the line the joke seems to have become even funnier after the curly-haired musician released his follow-up single, Angel.

While the mere mention about the popularity of the track is bound to prompt renowned musicians to shake their heads in disbelief — others like Ali Zafar seem to have joined in on the online phenomenon. Having uploaded his own rendition of Shah’s recent hit on Tuesday night, Zafar didn’t think his dramatic reading of Angel’s lyrics would go on to become an online sensation and talking point on social media the very next day. “This morning I woke up and the video had amassed nearly half a million views and had become a talking point on social media,” Zafar shared, unable to hide his mixed emotions of excitement and laughter. “I think that tells you a lot about what the people want to see,” Zafar told The Express Tribune.

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The video, which has been shared by countless people on Facebook and Twitter, has already managed to attract a fair deal of criticism with several people viewing this as an attempt to mock an artist or musician. On the same note, theatre director, Nida Butt, expressed distaste towards Zafar’s video, claiming, “Is he making fun of a co-artist or riding another artist’s wave? Either way, can’t approve.”

However, not getting bogged down by the raving criticism, Zafar added, “I think if 20 people like the video then there is that one person who dislikes it. That’s a fair ratio for me.” When asked whether he had produced the video as a parody or tribute to the musician, Zafar insisted he intended to leave the decision to the viewers. “An artist is like public property. At the end of the day whatever he does is art and each form of work can have its own interpretation and rendition. And this is just my rendition,” mentioned the actor-cum-musician.

“That said I firmly believe that whatever work Shah has done, he has done it with a lot of sincerity and innocence. Just look at the lyrics. They are so simple and angelic.”

Zafar isn’t the only artist who has recreated the Angel-maker’s song. A few months ago, Kill Dil co-star Ranveer Singh had caused a stir on the internet when he donned a curly wig similar to Shah’s hairdo and made a Dubsmash video of Eye to Eye.

Although Zafar has a strong fan following of his own, when questioned how it felt to be competing alongside an artist like Shah, he laughed off the comparison, noting, “There is no such competition.”

Angel which is Shah’s first single after a hiatus of nearly three years has become a massive hit online with musicians, actors and renowned personalities from all over the world sharing their views about the song on the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 14th,  2016.

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