Ali Zafar pays tribute to Taher Shah in latest video

Rockstar explains what forced him to take this action

Entertainment Desk April 13, 2016

As Taher Shah continues to make waves around the world with his latest single Angel, rockstar Ali Zafar decided to cash in on his fame.

In his latest video, that has now gone viral, Ali can be seen narrating the lyrics of the second hit by the "singing sensation."

For a change, the singer-cum-actor didn't take a dig at the hit-maker. In fact, his dramatic rendition helps us understand Taher Shah's philosophical ideology behind the song, which was recently explained by him in his blog.

And the depth in La La La La...


Taher Shah pens blog to explain 'ideology' behind Angel

Ali later took to Twitter to share his sentiments saying: "Lived through Eye to eye. Couldn't resist this. My rendition of the Angel by Taher Shah."

Thank you Ali! It makes sense to us now.

Taher Shah’s website is the next best thing to Angel

And of course... every action has a reaction!

We too Ali... we too!


In an interview with a TV channel, Ali explained the reason behind his latest stint.

10 best Twitter reactions to Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’

When asked if he is impressed or depressed by the viral sensation, Ali said, "You are angel, I am angel, it's our job to be impressed by each other and pull out of depression. So, I had also let it out of my system to end my depression."

"I was passing through a garden with lush green trees and water springs. It was then when I realised that I am an angel too and also a part of the mankind. So, I need to play my part," Ali quipped while explaining the reason behind his "tribute".

Ali praised Taher Shah's efforts saying he is "impressed" by the way he has put his feelings in to the song.

"The concept of the video is quite impressive as well. It has been conceived while keeping three stages in mind."

"He can be seen flying alone and how he changes different costumes throughout the video, I haven't been and won't be able to present such thing in my entire career. I can never reach his level." Ali said.

In his concluding message to Taher Shah, Ali said, "Taher you are an angel and I am an 'ainjul'."

Us right now..


And twiterattis got a new topic!

Admit it or not, we all secretly wish we were Taher Shah!


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gp65 | 8 years ago | Reply @S: Your point is valid. Sajjad Ali was quite unhappy when his song Har Zulm went viral in 2013 but only 500 people paid and downloaded the song. Taking a pot shot at Bollywood is fine but isn't that where your stars are headed to, in order to earn wealth and fame?
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