13 spectacular pictures of the art of Shaolin

Published: April 8, 2016


Shaolin is among the oldest institutionalised styles of Chinese martial arts practiced today. Dating back 1,500 years, the Shaolin Temple is the main temple of the Shaolin school of Buddhism to this day.

Shaolin Kung Fu, also called Shaolin Wushu was developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in Henan province, China. With its rich content, and over 1500 years of its development, Shaolin kung fu has become one of the largest schools of kung fu.

Here we look at students of Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School participating in a rehearsal at a stadium in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China.


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  • Bharatiya Australian
    Apr 8, 2016 - 6:00PM

    Not sure how many Indians and Pakistanis know that Chan Buddhism originated at Shaolin Temple and its spiritual founder was an Indian prince named Bodhidharma or as he was known to Chinese as Da Mo. Bodhidharma king who went to China from southern India taught the skills now the world popularly know Shaolin Kung Fu…Even today a Chinese will know about Bodhidharma or Da Mo but rarely any Indian will know him..Unfortunately India originated and taught the art to Chinese and was spread to the world by Chienese. And beautiful pictures.Recommend

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