Cat rescued from 100ft well in mammoth operation

The cat is in good health but it is pretty scared, according to PAWS media manager

Sunehra Mehmood March 24, 2016

In a miraculous rescue, K-Electric teamed up with Edhi and Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to rescue a cat that had been stuck in a 110 feet deep well for nearly a year in Kathore on Thursday.

“I am happy and relieved that the cat is safe,” said Saad Awais, the man whose family owns the land on which the well is situated, while speaking to Express Tribune.

Awais had noticed the cat a few months ago and tried everything to help bring the cat out, but in vain. Not losing hope, he had then taken recourse to social media and posted about the cat on the Facebook group Question Updates, appealing to people to help him rescue the cat.

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PHOTO: K-Electric

Meanwhile, he had kept the cat alive by asking his employees to keep sending food to it down in a basket. According to him, the well, which is 50-60 years old, was mostly dry with very little water.

For the past couple of weeks, he had been in contact with Edhi and PAWS to figure out a way to get the cat out. In the end, K-Electric joined the rescue effort, lending their crane and officials to the effort which successfully culminated today.

PHOTO: K-Electric

“I’m grateful to everyone who helped rescue the cat,” Awais said, adding that he was especially thankful to people who showed an overwhelming response to the cat's predicament on social media.

“The cat is in good health. It is not injured but it is pretty scared,” Talha Ahmed, media manager PAWS told Express Tribune. The cat is currently being taken to the vet. The organisation will later decide whether to keep it in a shelter or put it up for adoption.

"Stuck inside a 110 feet deep well for a year. Thanks Paws Pakistan, Edhi and K- Electric," Head of Digital Media at K-Electric tweeted, confirming the rescue.

PHOTO: K-Electric

The power company's personnel Sikander Baloch was lowered into the bottom of the well with the help of a crane.

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That's the well:

And this is the man of the hour:


Amin | 5 years ago | Reply Wonderful to see a steady increase in consciousness with regards to sentient beings. Well done PAWS, EDHI Animal and K-Electric! The combined emotional and physical resources of these types of advocacy groups and the private sector are certainly the way forward with regards to the many opportunities we have to make Pakistan and the world a better place. Good people, amazing effort and very lucky kitty indeed.
ASD | 5 years ago | Reply This whole story gives one very important lesson. Always pray for the best, there will be one day when the dark clouds will shed and there shall be light. The poor animal kept eating even when inside the whooping 110ft well. Its the Almighty Allah who has made the arrangements of food to this little animal even in the well. Allah u Akbar!
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