Where's the Oscars Girl Scout money?

Published: March 12, 2016
The $65000 raised by selling cookies at the event appear to be missing. PHOTO: ADWEEK.COM

The $65000 raised by selling cookies at the event appear to be missing. PHOTO: ADWEEK.COM

Last year, Ellen rang the pizza delivery guy to feed the starved celebs at the Oscars, this year, Chris Rock brought his daughter’s Girl Scouts cookies troupe to sell cookies to the audience.

Surprisingly, nobody knows where the money is! Two weeks since the coveted awards night and people are raising eyebrows about where the cash went.

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The California’s Girl Scout Troop 5215 apparently sold cookies worth $65,000, but it seems like the Academy is in no mood to donate the money to the local organisation.

The Girl Scout Council says they haven’t received the money yet, and the Academy isn’t responding to their attempts to get in touch, reports TMZ.

The local chapter was to get around $1000. “The donation process is determined by local councils,” said a representative from Girl Scouts of America.

But one has to admit, it was a great marketing gimmick. And celebs were sold! They were so hungry that they couldn’t help but gorge on the sugary treats. Regardless of whether they were on the stage…

or sitting in the crowd…

Girl scout cookies FTW!!

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Easy there, tiger.

My Bae, Christian Bale, just chowing down on Girl Scout cookies during the Oscars.

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…because the anticipation of an Oscar can truly drain the energy out of you.

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