Protection from domestic violence hinges on CII, Imran tells women

Published: March 9, 2016



PESHAWAR: The draft of the domestic violence bill will be presented in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly once the Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CII) advice is received on whether it complies with Islamic injunctions.

This was said by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan at an International Women’s Day event held at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University (SBBWU) Peshawar on Tuesday.

“The CII will review the draft and suggest whether it complies with the Holy Quran and Sunnah,” he said.

Uplift packages cannot ‘buy’ loyalty of masses: Imran Khan

Protection of women

The Punjab Assembly recently passed the Protection of Women against Violence Bill without sending it to the CII.

On March 3, CII Chairperson Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani voiced his concerns regarding the K-P bill, saying many of its clauses were against the “spirit of Islam”.

According to Sheerani, 33 clauses in the bill and a few penalties already exist in the federal law and there was no need for another bill. He added some provisions of the domestic violence bill are against the Constitution.

However, the CII has yet to provide its complete recommendations on the proposed bill.

The proposed law was tabled in the K-P Assembly during the previous government, but PML-N and other parties resisted the bill. Following opposition to the draft, the legislation was referred to a committee. However, the committee lapsed after the government completed its term.

The PTI-led government sent the much-delayed bill to CII to seek its opinion as the matter involves interpretation of Islamic injunctions. The government claims the proposed law has been pending with CII for the past two months.

Concerns of PIA employees must be addressed: Imran Khan

Fight for rights

The PTI chief said women seldom gain their rightful share in family properties because their “male relatives are not prepared to give them their rights”. Many of them face countless injustices and often find themselves in a vulnerable position.

“In Sindh, Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslim men,” he said. “Such practices are against Islam.”

He added honour killing, which is prevalent across the country, is also against Islam and should be stopped at all costs.

Books and pens

“Literacy rate for women is low compared to men’s in Pakistan,” Imran said. According to the PTI chief, K-P government has introduced a new policy whereby the government will prioritise the education of women.

Under the new policy, out of a 100 new schools, 70 would be girls schools while the rest will be for boys.

“Two colleges will be established in every district to educate girls,” he said. “A college will be set up in every district for boys.”

Imran added the K-P government plans to set up more universities for women.

The way forward

“A great leader never divides his people for his own purposes,” he said. “A great leader always unites their nation and works towards the development of his nation.”

CII wants co-education abolished at the earliest

According to Imran, the PTI-led government will make K-P “an exemplary province”. He added PTI will win subsequent election in the province due to its vision and efforts to improve the lives of people.

SBBWU Peshawar Vice Chancellor Razia Sultana lauded the PTI government’s efforts to focus on the education of women and demanded more initiatives be taken in this regard.

“This is the first time International Women’s Day has been celebrated with zeal in K-P,” she said.

A large number of stalls were set up by students where books, foods, clothes and paintings were put on display. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Salma, a student of the varsity, said such events encourage people to take an interest in higher education.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 9th, 2016.

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Reader Comments (8)

  • Rollin & Trollin
    Mar 9, 2016 - 9:46AM

    IK curiously noncommittal and oblique on the bill per se, where other issues are vociferated with the force of a “Tsunami”.Recommend

  • Ahmed
    Mar 9, 2016 - 11:45AM

    taking a opinion from a other forum is not against any govt in past has taken opinion from NGOS regarding LG BillRecommend

  • Najeebullah
    Mar 9, 2016 - 3:56PM

    He has been in power for three years now, most of his statements still include “will be”. He’s trying to hide under the cover of CII by keeping the bill hanging. Remember JI is his coalition partner in kp. Recommend

  • Brainy Bhaijan
    Mar 9, 2016 - 8:53PM

    The women who go nuts for this man should repent now.Recommend

  • Parvez
    Mar 9, 2016 - 11:23PM

    That’s like asking the leader of a pack of foxes if he thought it all right to send a fox into the hen house……..utterly asinine. Recommend

  • Sodomite
    Mar 10, 2016 - 12:20AM

    @Rollin & Trollin:
    Do you ever wonder whether this man benefited at all from getting an education? No wonder his personal life is such a disaster and the same seems to be happening in KPK. Recommend

  • Haji Atiya
    Mar 10, 2016 - 7:22AM

    Probably attended Oxford on a cricket scholarship. As far as what he actually read there and how well he did, your guess is as good as any….Recommend

  • Babbarsher Khan
    Mar 10, 2016 - 8:08AM

    How many women are there in CII? Why the people with medieval mindset and very poor education have the final say on women’s rights and space in the society? Why their own voice and opinion have no place in this important issue? Where did the Kaptaan got his education, in some dark alley’s madrasa or at Oxford? Recommend

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