Cruz sells yoga mats after admonishing Trump to 'breathe'

Cruz 2016 'Breathe' yoga mat is available for $35 alongside caps, coffee mugs and baby clothes for sale

Afp March 05, 2016

WASHINGTON: US Republican presidential candidates have found a rare moment of levity in yoga, but don't expect to see them practicing their stretches together anytime soon.

Voters can, however, buy a yoga mat from Ted Cruz.

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Cruz tweeted Friday that his campaign website was selling the mats, following a Thursday debate between the four remaining Republican candidates, in which yoga took center stage.

During the forum, Cruz tore into rival Donald Trump admonishing him to calm down and "breathe, breathe, breathe."

"I am Ted," Trump shot back, as Cruz taunted him again: "You can do it. You can breathe. I know it's hard."

The opportunity was apparently too much to resist for Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

"When they're done with the yoga, can I answer a question?" he interjected.

Rubio then said of Trump: "He's very flexible, so you never know."

Trump, who a few minutes prior was chastised for changing position on major policy issues, had said: "You have to be flexible because you learn you have to show a degree of flexibility."

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The "Cruz 2016 'Breathe' yoga mat," as the item is called online, is available for $35 alongside caps, coffee mugs and baby clothes for sale on the Texas senator's campaign website.

It is emblazoned with the words "Cruz" and "2016."

Rubio as well solicited $10 donations, pretending on his campaign website to hawk fictitious yoga pants that read "Dump Trump."


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