Altaf Hussain is the only solution to our problems: MQM

Published: March 3, 2016
A file photo of MQM Rabita Committee.

A file photo of MQM Rabita Committee.

Hours after former Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal’s unprecedented allegations against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, its leadership rejected the charges, saying such moves to divide the party are not new for them.

In a fiery press conference in Karachi, the former mayor lashed out at the party supremo, accusing him of links with the Indian spy agency RAW and using his workers to foment terrorism in the metropolis.

“Those who did not have any mandate spoke against Altaf Hussain and elected representatives of the party,” MQM convener Nadeem Nusrat said in a telephonic news conference from London Thursday evening.

Mustafa Kamal launches political party after no-holds-barred tirade against Altaf Hussain

MQM deputy convener Farooq Sattar and other senior leaders listened to the London convener as he responded to Kamal’s tirade against the party supremo.

“The media made the issue out of a non-issue and targeted the popular party, its renowned chief and millions of their supporters for two to three hours,” Nusrat said while referring to Mustafa Kamal’s media talk.

“No one else but Altaf Hussain is a solution to our problems and he should be contacted [in case of any issues],” the convener added.

He said ‘certain elements’ to be shunned creating the divide and forming new political outfits for such division.

The convener also aimed at ‘establishment’, asking them to “review their behaviour and refrain from providing refuge to those aiming to sideline the party chief”.

The MQM has a rich history and we have emerged successful in election year after year, Nusrat said, adding that they don’t want to go into the politics of blame-game. “We would also ask others not to resort to character assassination and personality-bashing.”

He went on to say, “I would also urge MQM workers not to take the law in their hands or harm anyone.”

Addressing the workers, Farooq Sattar said ‘timing’ of Mustafa Kamal’s media talks is something to ponder on.

“Every allegation in the press conference today has been levelled by Jamaat-e-Islami in the past,” he said while taking aim at their old political arch-rivals.

The press talk is only a controversy to once again stir ‘minus-Altaf’ concept and will not succeed at all, Sattar added.

Earlier in the day, Mustafa Kamal, while flanked by former deputy convener Rabita Committee Anees Qaimkhani, announced to form his own political party and briefed its manifesto.

The two former MQM leaders arrived in the country from Dubai after remaining disappeared for the last three years, with both announcing to part ways from Altaf Hussain.

According to the former mayor, Altaf did not learn from the fact that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) grabbed more than 0.8 million votes in the 2013 general elections from MQM strongholds.

Instead of opting for a changing in himself, Kamal added that the MQM chief verbally abused PTI workers and threatened them.

The former mayor also accused Altaf of being behind the terrorism in Karachi and training party workers for the purpose.

Regarding his new party, which he said they have not named as yet, Kamal invited everyone to join them irrespective of sectarian, ethnic or any other differences.

Once a close confidante of Altaf Hussain, Mustafa Kamal ‘disappeared’ from the country’s political scene and went abroad silently in 2013 citing personal issues.

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Reader Comments (14)

  • Sandip
    Mar 3, 2016 - 11:20PM

    So now that the PTI tamasha has ended with a whimper, this new missile is being launched by the punjabi establishment. Unless the Pakhtoons, the Sindhis and the Mohajirs team up against this punjabi supremacist establishment, they will be finished one by one.Recommend

  • Syedpk
    Mar 3, 2016 - 11:26PM

    I being a MQM supporter, strongly object on this “Only Soultion” mantra, regardless of the source be it MQM, (Only solution: Altaf), PTI (Only solution: IK), PPP (Only solution: Bhuttos), or PMlN ( Only sol: NS). This mantra has destroyed the thinking capabilities of the people.Recommend

  • Mian
    Mar 3, 2016 - 11:56PM

    May be he is the solution of Sattar Farooq’s problems but definitely not pakistan’s. He has always added to our vows. Recommend

  • Pakistani
    Mar 4, 2016 - 1:01AM

    LOL @ Altaf Hussain is the only solution to our problems!
    “He is” your only problem Mr. Sattar.
    and He has various other problems, alcoholism being one followed by treason!Recommend

  • Quresh
    Mar 4, 2016 - 1:20AM

    Please grow up and be honest. God is bigger then Mr. Altaf and we all shall answer to God.
    God bless you all.. Recommend

  • Arsalan Mirza
    Mar 4, 2016 - 6:10AM

    The agencies should not being doing “regime change” by force. It can be dangerous to the integrity of the nation.Recommend

  • Azi
    Mar 4, 2016 - 6:26AM


    Too bad your element of force had almost died. They usually are hung by the neck everyday, must be a sad sight for you. Now your words wont really find any ears to “team” up against their own. AH and his militia trained by your filth would be eliminated one by one yes.Recommend

  • excalibur
    Mar 4, 2016 - 6:55AM

    Another attempt to drive a wedge in MQM like the discredited MQM Haqiqi in the past

    Will meet the same fate as MQM HRecommend

  • nikki
    Mar 4, 2016 - 7:16AM

    This man gone insane, has no difference between madness and wisdomRecommend

  • John
    Mar 4, 2016 - 7:32AM

    Its time to euthanize Altaf Hussain and if thats not done , MQM will be euthanized.Any altaf hussain’s apologists here who would like to say something?Recommend

  • John
    Mar 4, 2016 - 8:21AM

    You are not MQM supporter, better name for you will be Altaf Hussain’s Apologist!Recommend

  • syed
    Mar 4, 2016 - 8:37AM

    Altaf hussein has not given anything back to people of karachi except politcs of hate.
    Now we need new leadership to take people of karachi to new era.
    I support Kamal mustafa to lead us
    Its time for change Recommend

  • Mar 4, 2016 - 9:14AM

    Since the inception of the party three decades ago, if there is no alternate second line of leadership, then this party wiill fall apart when Altaf goes. We all have to go! But intra-party democracy is a necessity for smooth functioning. Salams Recommend

  • Ync
    Mar 9, 2016 - 9:31AM

    Farooq Bhai we have had respect for you. But its time for you to wake up. Mustafa Kamal has said what we always knew. You are defending lies.Recommend

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