Some parts of K-P domestic violence bill against spirit of Islam: CII chairman

Maulana Sheerani says top religious body will decide tomorrow whether to accept the bill or not

Obaid Abassi March 02, 2016
JUI-F lawmaker Maulana Sherani. PHOTO: FILE

Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani on Wednesday expressed concern over the domestic violence bill tabled recently in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Assembly.

"Some clauses of the bill are against the spirit of Islam," the JUI-F Senator who is the chairman of the 20-member body, which only has only one woman member, said.

CII to take up K-P domestic violence bill

Sheerani further said that the country's top religious body will decide tomorrow (Thursday) whether to accept it or not.

The K-P government sent the much-delayed bill to the advisory council to seek its opinion as the matter involves interpretation of Islamic injunctions. The government claims the proposed law has been pending with the CII for the past two months.

The CII chairman also criticised the government and incumbent lawmakers for repeatedly passing resolutions calling for the abolition of the religious body. "I am appalled at the workings of the government and the Parliament," Maulana Sheerani said.

I respect Pakistan's Constitution more than Qadri's religious sentiments: CII chairman

Regarding the execution of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer's killer, the CII chairman said, "Qadri's act was laudable but he took the law into his own hands which is not right.

The CII is a constitutional body which advises the legislature whether or not a certain law is compliant with Sharia.


kakar | 5 years ago | Reply Maulana Sherani is an astute politician. He has viciously exploited religion to grind his own secular and political axe. He gleefully accepted NAZRANA of land cruiser from a deceased politician ostensibly who gifted it for some political gain and payback. He admitted his children not in a Madrassah but in the most expensive residential college in Lahore. He forced Mullah Asmat ullah to form a breakaway faction- though he merged it again with JUIf. He is more a tribal elder in his area than a religious leader. He has always managed to keep close to corridors of power. Using the platform of CII he is intent on establishing his religious credentials just to play to his rural gallery. Kudos he has played his cards judiciously.
syed & syed | 5 years ago | Reply @Babbarsher Khan:Please do not compare Iran with mentioned states. Since revolution 10 parliamentary election and 5 presidential elections are held. Clergy is there to give Friday sermons and point out grievances to the elected President. Schooling having modern mindset can be compared with that in advanced countries except that they have one subject on religion. Please check the constitution of Iran on Advancement is made in every sphere i.e. military, space, industries, motorways and railways and what not. Every Iranian is paid over 45,000 Toomans per head new born or old. Please read about Iran
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