Reality in Bajaur

Sher Zaman Khan Alizai May 03, 2010
Reality in Bajaur

BAJAUR: A military operation is going on in Bajaur Agency for the last one and a half years. However, the truth is that it has only really impacted the civilian population — and that too in a negative manner. I know three to four families who have lost family members in this shelling. As part of the clearance operation, hundreds of houses and shops on the Khar Nawagai road from Sadiqabad to Zor Bandar have been razed.

People have taken refuge in the Jalozai and Kaccha Garhi refugee camps since the last 16 months. The Swat IDPs were treated far better and were sent back to their homes in a few months while IDPs from Fata have been treated like step-children. Also university students from Swat were given a concession on fees, but why aren’t IDPs from Fata also treated this way?

Contrary to popular opinion, at night large parts of Bajaur — except the main G T Road, F C Road and Civil Colony — are still controlled by militants. The capture of Damadola was publicised in the media but the fact is that all major militant commanders have yet to be caught. Even those militants who surrender are allowed to go after surrounding their weapon — they are not held accountable for their sins.

Even children in Bajaur know that Maulvi Faqir Muhammad is safe and sound and so are his top commanders Sheena, Wali Rahman and Abdullah, in a village not far from Loi Sam. Commander Pervez is active from his hideouts in Dhoda village of Tehsil Nawagai, while Qari Ziaur Rehman is operating from a village in nearby Charmang. On the other hand, over 170 tribal elders have been killed in the past year alone.

Scores of schools have been blown up, many in areas which were claimed to have been cleared of militants. We hate the militants from the core of our heart but the government must go after the militants with sincerity of purpose. Sher Zaman Khan Alizai Bajaur Agency


Zartaj Khan | 14 years ago | Reply Congrajulations to All Bajoris. After publishing of this article on May 04, the military launched a targeted operation in Dhoda village of Nawagai on the night of May 05 and killed notorious militant Commander Pervez alongwith his dozen Comrades. Pervez was running the gang of kidnappers and Looters. Kudoos to EXPRESS Tribune for publishing this article that helped nail down such a dreaded man. This shows that Public Opinion can pressurize and help the Army to carry out such successful targeted operations. Congrats to All Bajoris again. Thanks to the newspaper Tribune Again.
Wahid Gul | 14 years ago | Reply The writer is very right when he says that it is the militants who rule the whole countryside at night in Bajor. Also the properties of people have been destroyed not only in Loi Sam but also in Charmang and Mamund. Interestingly, in many areas of Mamund, the army has destroyed the properties of civilians and left untouched those of the militants. Also the comment about the local journalists and reporters of channels and newspapers is also correct. They are given perks by the administration and so dont portray the true picture of the agency.
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