Stowaway case: Body identified as 9th grade student

Boy identified as Qasim Siddique, ran away from home two days before the incident.

Express January 18, 2011

LAHORE: Police on Tuesday identified the body of the Lahore stowaway, who had fallen off a Dubai bound plane, as Qasim Siddique, a ninth grade student.

Express 24/7 correspondent Shiraz Hasnat reported that the body had been identified by the parents, who had been traced through a receipt found in Qasim’s pocket.

Qasim, who had disappeared two days before the incident, had run away with his friend Amir, whose whereabouts are still unknown. Qasim's parents had lodged a complaint with the police when he had gone missing.

The body had been found on January 15, when residents of Street 5 in Al Faisal Colony reported hearing a loud bang between 9:10 and 9:15 pm at one of the houses on the street. A flight headed for Dubai had recently taken off from Allama Iqbal International Airport, which is located close to the colony.

The pilot of an Airblue flight had contacted the control room immediately after take-off and reported a malfunction while closing a plane’s wheels, air traffic control sources said, informing the controllers a few minutes later that the problem had been rectified.

The air traffic controllers said that the time of the flight’s take off coincided with that of the man’s fall, saying it was likely that the stowaway was hiding in the plane’s wheels which might have caused the wheel’s malfunction.

The body had earlier been buried without identification. Doctors had confirmed to the police investigators that most of the bones were broken as a result of a fall.


Syed Shabbir Hussain | 10 years ago | Reply *How can it be the boy's fault that he breached the perimeter! *And what if a terrorist one day takes advantage of the fog and poorly manned fence and blows himself up between two planes or near the buses which transport paasengers from the terminal to the plane and vice versa * Nearly all other countries of the world have solar powered electric perimeter fence to cater for shortage of manpower, plus, I guess other CAAs use their funds judiciously! *Runaway students!!!! On a runway!!! For God's sake man! *Lastly, I am sure that if somebody checks the records of CAA, they must be showing that they are paying salaries to 50 guards but actually employing only 20 on ground!!!
Silent Death | 10 years ago | Reply well i want to make somethings clear. 1. it was the boy’s fault who breached the security perimeter. 2. there was too much fog in those days. and anyone could have infiltrated easily. as it is impossible to guard 17 kilometer long perimeter fence with just 20 men guarding. as i mentioned earlier Fog was too dense to see 5 feet away. there is only 1 solution to guard that long fencing in that dense Fog is that you deploy minimum 10000 guards at the distance of 5 feet from each person. and it is practically impossible to do in pakistan but even any country of the world. 3. once those kids were inside the fencing they somehow managed to get some working clothes (DANGREES) and so no one could identify them near the aircraft that whether they were airport employees or some run away students. 4. there was no lapse in security. people destroyed their vehicles in head on collisions those days as they could not see. then how can you expect security officials to guard a 17 kilometer long fence covered with dense Fog and that too in night time. it was impossible. these kind of incidents happen around the world where poor people try to cross the borders through an aircraft landing gear. but no one creates such hype as it is created here in Pakistan. they do enhance the security to avoid such cases in future. but no one can predict any unforeseen incident.
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