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Ali Syed May 03, 2010

A friend of mine works at a school and a couple of days back I had an interesting and somewhat disturbing conversation with her regarding one of her students. She told me that the father, of a three-year old student, beat his kid up, not because he was getting bad grades (I don’t remember but I don’t think they have grades when you are three years old) or for misbehaving with him, but rather — and I am not joking — for not getting into a school. Did I mention the child is three years old? Which means that he is not even trying out for the first grade, but more like nursery.

Now I am not a parent so clearly I do not understand the pressures of parenting (as I did not understand the so-called real world when I was in college), so I would really like to know the reasoning behind such treatment of kids and that too, on the account of not getting into a school. I am not saying that you should not be hard on your kids. Go ahead, if you think it would teach them discipline. It’s not like we have child protection services in this country to limit your child beating freedom anyway. I consider myself disciplined enough and my father never laid a hand on me, but that’s beside the point. Coming back to what could drive such actions. Is it because parents see themselves in their children, and therefore the kids’ failure means that they too have not been up to the standard? Or, is it because we care so much about which school our children go to, because that apparently determines our standing in society? I don’t know how to dissect this issue or who to blame, the parents, the schools, societal pressures, but I do know who should not bear the consequences of something like this; the children.


Tanzeel | 13 years ago | Reply This confusing story seems to be written by that 3 year old.
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Khuhro | 13 years ago | Reply Story if true is preposterous. A three year child is too young to be meted out such wild treatment. In fact, even if an older child ( college or university level) hesitates to go to school, parents and teachers must find out what makes child hesitate to go school or to bunk classes. There must be something terrible haunting child to behave like that and it is moral and rational duty of elders not only to analyze the situation but to address the underlying causes. There could be lot of things ranging from behavior of fellow kids, teachers, staff, any other bully not known to parents and teachers, environment of educational institute , van driver, difficulty in studies, parent’s attitude and medical problems etc. Balanced upbringing of a child is also a responsibility of society as well, for if child goes astray, family, neighborhood, relatives and society in general will have to face the music and if number of such children swells up, society cannot remain healthy one. T,
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