Seeking atonement for selling her daughter

Umer Nangiana May 03, 2010

RAWALPINDI: A mother who had earlier admitted to “selling” her 14-yearold daughter now claims that the police are not willing to record her confession.

In the latest twist to the bizarre story, Rukhsana told The Express Tribune that she regretted her actions and was ready for atonement, but the police were mysteriously refusing to write down her statement.

The investigating officer Sub inspector Muhammad Hasnat, however, insisted that she had lost her mind. “She says she will record her statement and then refuses to give it,” he said.

Around three weeks ago, Saba Noreen, now in her early twenties, had registered an FIR against her mother Rukhsana and Muhammad Aamil, the man she was sold to around nine years ago.

Aamil was 70-years-old at the time. Noreen, who currently resides in England, had said that Aamil had paid millions of rupees to her mother in return for sexual relations with her for over a period of four years. Rukhsana told The Express Tribune that these allegations were true. She had indeed accepted money from the aged man in return for her daughter.

“He had promised to marry her when she turned 18, but he did not fulfill his promise,” Rukhsana said. When Noreen turned 18, Rukhsana said she feared for her daughter’s life and persuaded her to leave the country.

Meanwhile, 80-yearold Aamil denied these allegations. He maintained that Noreen was his wife according to the Shariah, as they had gone through a “mutual verbal agreement.” After the FIR was registered, both Rukhsana and Aamil were arrested, but later granted confirmed bail by the district court.

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