PSL 2016: Peshawar beat Islamabad by seven wickets

Published: February 12, 2016


Peshawar defeated Islamabad by seven wickets in the 13th match of the inaugural Pakistan Super League (PSL) at Sharjah.

Islamabad provided 153-run target for Peshawar Zalmi to chase. In response, the Peshawar side achieved the target in 18.3 overs with seven wickets to spare.

For United, Khalid Latif scored 59 runs from 41 deliveries, whereas Sharjeel Khan and Misbahul Haq scored 28 and 32 runs respectively to reach a decent total.

On the other hand, Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Asghar claimed two wickets apiece for Peshawar Zalmi.

Tamim Iqbal’s magnificent score of 80 from 58 deliveries was the highlight of Peshawar’s batting prowess as the successfully chased the target.

Sami, Ajmal and Badree claimed one wicket apiece for Islamabad as they were easily beaten by Afridi’s side.

Post-match presentation

Man of the match is Tamim Iqbal for his batting: “Its great to play under Afridi and its good that we are on a roll. It was nice to Bangladeshi fans in the stands and I hope PSL attracts more following back home.”

Misbahul Haq: “Credit goes to Tamim Iqbal for a wonderful innings with the bat. Its tough to play back-to-back matches with the injuries we have been facing but still we should have done better today. However, it was a wonderful experience to play in Sharjah.”

Shahid Afridi: “Thanks to our bowlers we were able to restrict the opposition to a relatively low target. Furthermore, it was great to play in front of Sharjah’s crowd and we hope that we entertained them well.”

PES 153-3 (18.3 overs)

A single to finish the match and Peshawar defeats Islamabad by seven wickets with nine balls to spare.


PES 150-3 (18 overs)

FOUR! Yousuf hits it towards covers on a no-ball.


PES 139-3 (17 overs)

FOUR! Another one through the covers. Iqbal on fire.

FOUR! Iqbal pulls it towards the boundary between long-on and midwicket.

FOUR! Tamim Iqbal smashes it towards cover.


PES 126-3 (16 overs)

Five from the over.


PES 121-3 (15 overs)

SIX! Flick off the toes and Yousuf goes for the maximum.


PES 109-3 (14 overs)

FOUR! Tamim Iqbal places it towards fine-leg.


PES 100-3 (13 overs)

FOUR! Outside edge by Yousuf and the balls travels towards third man boundary.


PES 93-3 (12 overs)

OUT! STUMPED! Kamran Akmal departs. Shahid Yousuf replaces him.

SIX! Kamran Akmal smashes it over covers.

Fifty up for Tamim Iqbal. This is his third 50 of the tournament.

Saeed Ajmal.

PES 82-2 (11 overs)

SIX! Iqbal smashes it straight.


PES 71-2 (10 overs)

Five from the over.

Shane Watson.

PES 66-2 (9 overs)

OUT! Allenby goes big but Sami gets under it and catches it safely. Kamran Akmal replaces Allenby.


PES 63-1 (8 overs)

SIX! Iqbal goes again. Straight shot this time.

SIX! Iqbal smashes it towards cover boundary.


PES 50-1 (7 overs)

Just two from the over.

Samuel Badree.

PES 48-1 (6 overs)

FOUR! Allenby scores his first boundary.

FOUR! Tamim Iqbal scores a boundary towards extra cover.

Saeed Ajmal.

PES 37-1 (5 overs)

OUT! Hafeez skies the ball but Misbah gets under it and catches it. Jim Allenby replaces Hafeez.


PES 34-0 (4 overs)

FOUR! Hafeez places it towards off-side.

Rumman Raees replacing Sami.

PES 27-0 (3 overs)

FOUR! Another one by Hafeez.

FOUR! This time its through covers. Hafeez is dealing in boundaries.

FOUR! Hafeez clears the leg side for a boundary.


PES 14-0 (2 overs)

FOUR! Tamim Iqbal smashes it towards covers for a boundary.

Mohammad Sami.

PES 7-0 (1 over)

SIX! Hafeez pulls towards leg and clears the boundary.

Mohammad Hafeez and Tamim Iqbal to open for Peshawar.

Andre Russell to begin the bowling attack for Islamabad.

ISL 152-6 (20 overs)

OUT! LBW! Asif falls prey to Junaid. Mohammad Sami replaces Asif.

Junaid Khan to bowl the last over.

ISL 146-5 (19 overs)

OUT! Caught at third man. Khalid Latif departs. Asif Ali replaces him.

Wahab Riaz.

ISL 144-4 (18 overs)

SIX! Latif smashes it towards extra cover and brings up his fifty.

OUT! Russell gets caught at long-off. Brad Haddin replaces him.


ISL 132-3 (17 overs)

OUT! Misbah gets caught by Afridi at covers. Andre Russell to replace Misbah.

SIX! Latif skies it out of the park.

Wahab Riaz.

ISL 121-2 (16 overs)

FOUR! Misbah smashes it between long-on and midwicket boundary.


ISL 114-2 (15 overs)

Six from the over.

Junaid Khan.

ISL 108-2 (14 overs)

FOUR! Misbah places it beautifully. Even Afridi applauds.

SIX! Out of the park this time by Misbah towards midwicket.

SIX! Misbah with his trademark shot towards long-on.


ISL 92-2 (13 overs)

SIX! Latif smashes it straight. 108 metres.


ISL 82-2 (12 overs)

FOUR! Misbah pulls towards long-leg.

Wahab Riaz.

ISL 77-2 (11 overs)

Four from the over.


ISL 73-2 (10 overs)

OUT! Sharjeel skies it high and Afridi takes a simple catch to dismiss him. Misbahul Haq replaces Sharjeel.

DROPPED! Shahid Yousuf drops an easy one. Sharjeel survives.

Shaun Tait.

ISL 68-1 (9 overs)

SIX! Khalid Latif clears the rope between long-on and midwicket.

Darren Sammy.

ISL 56-1 (8 overs)

FOUR! Thick edge and the ball rolls towards third man boundary.

SIX! Sharjeel smashes it again.

SIX! Sharjeel smashes and clears midwicket boundary.

Shahid Afridi.

ISL 38-1 (7 overs)

Just two from the over.

Mohammad Asghar.

ISL 36-1 (6 overs)

FOUR! Latif pushes it straight.

Wahab Riaz. 

ISL 28-1 (5 overs)

BOWLED! What a magnificent spin bowl from Asghar. Watson gets beaten and departs. Khalid Latif replaces Watson.

Mohammad Asghar.

ISL 26-0 (4 overs)

FOUR! Down the ground this time from Watson.

FOUR! Watson finds the third man boundary as well.

Junaid Khan.

ISL 16-0 (3 overs)

FOUR! Sharjeel Khan finds the third man boundary.

Shaun Tait.

ISL 10-0 (2 overs)

FOUR! Another one by Watson. This time between extra cover and long off.

FOUR! Watson smashes it down the ground towards long-off boundary.

Junaid Khan to join the bowling attack. 

ISL 1-0 (1 over)

Just a single from the over.

Shane Watson and Sharjeel Khan to open for Islamabad.

Shaun Tait to begin the bowling attack for Peshawar.

Toss: Peshawar win the toss and elects to bowl first

Shahid Afridi: I think the pitch will be same but we are trying to do some experiments for the upcoming games.

Misbahul Haq: Batting first can be a challenge as we don’t know what target to set for the opposition. We have had a couple of good games, but we have to apply ourselves once again here.

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