Elderly Muslim man was beaten to death on way to mosque in UK, court told

81-year-old Mushin Ahmed succumbed to injuries eleven days after the attack on August 10, 2015

News Desk February 10, 2016
81-year-old Mushin Ahmed succumbed to injuries eleven days after the attack on August 10, 2015. PHOTO COURTESY: Daily Mail

Two men in Rotherham, UK are accused of attacking and killing an elderly Muslim resident who was on his way for fajr prayers during the early hours on August 10 last year.

The 81-year-old resident, Mushin Ahmed, succumbed to injuries eleven days after the attack and the two accused men stand on trial for murder.

“Since his retirement Mr Ahmed had been a regular attender at the mosque,” said prosecutor Andrew Robertson.

“In the early hours of Monday August 10 last year, he set off to the mosque for prayers.

“He never made it to the mosque. On his way there, just after 3am, he was attacked and murdered.”

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The local court said a man racially abused the old pensioner as he walked to a mosque before launching a fatal drink- and drug-fuelled attack with his friend.

Street where the alleged attack took place. PHOTO COURTESY: ROSSPARRY.CO.UK

The accused, Dale Jones and Damian Hunt, punched, kicked and stamped on Ahmed as he made his way to prayers at the mosque in Rotherham.

According to Robertson, Jones had become violent and aggressive due to an issue at home.

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“He had got himself into a raging fury,” the prosecutor said.

“A rage fuelled by drugs and alcohol.”

Jones had also racially abused an Asian taxi driver a short time before the attack.

“There was an incident of blatant aggression by Jones that demonstrated his racist attitude,” prosecutor added.

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A CCTV footage also showed Jones and Hunt following Ahmed, said Robertson.

The victim was found by a passer-by two hours after the attack, and was taken to hospital where he died on August 21, 2015. He had suffered extensive head and facial injuries.

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail


Kolsat | 5 years ago | Reply So many people belonging to the minorities are killed in Pakistan yet no one is caught and punished. Look at the British police who have caught the killers and yet Muslims call the British racists. The British and western nations have a strong sense of justice.
Cancerian | 5 years ago | Reply When a Muslim gets brutally killed brutally in cold bloodied attack for reasons of his faith by a white non-Muslim, it is termed as a racism. But if a Muslim kills a white non-Muslim it is terrorism/extremism ? Dual standards at it's best !
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