Instagram tests new account switching feature on iOS

Published: February 6, 2016


Instagram has confirmed that it is testing a new account switching feature on iOS.

The confirmation comes after some Instagram users noticed a new button appearing on the app.

The new feature will do away with the lengthy process of sinning out and singing in again for switching accounts, which will come handy for people who use more than one account on Instagram.

In November last year, the company had tested the similar feature on Android with members of its Instagram beta test group.

Although the feature is of no or little use for casual Instagram users but it will have a much larger impact for the young community who have multiple accounts on Instagram.

At present, a number of Instagram users, who happen to be teenagers or are in their 20s, create multiple accounts. Calling it “finstagram” or simply “finsta”, they use it as a fake Instagram account.

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These accounts are used for sharing photos with selected friends, which users might not want to share with the general viewers.

Also, the new switching feature will benefit the company as it will have a better chance to monetize its user base something the company has already done lately by extending its video ads to 60 seconds to have more TV ad revenues.

To check whether you have this new feature, go to the app’s setting and look for “Add Account” option.

When asked about the feature, Instagram spokesperson said, “We are always testing new features within our community.”

The company has not so far revealed how many users are able to see and use the new feature.

The article originally appeared in TechCrunch

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