Provincial autonomy for new provinces: JUI-F chief

Express May 02, 2010


JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the formation of new provinces is only possible if effective provincial autonomy is granted.

Speaking to the media in a press conference in Multan, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the issue of a separate province for southern Punjab cannot be an emotional decision. 

He stressed that the parliament is not supreme in the country and real democracy does not exist.

Fazlur Rehman said that Pakistan is unable to develop an independent foreign policy owing to pressures generated by international borrowing. He also said that the Kashmir issue can only be resolved if focus is diverted away from the country's western border.


Dr. O. P. Sudrania | 14 years ago | Reply With my sincere apology to Whosoever concerned, I as an ordinary citizen away from the pitch of Pakistan, fail to understand the very basis and the essence of this column altogether. We start as heading:'Provincial autonomy for new provinces: JUI-F chief' then go to the totally irrelevant issue like,"He stressed that the parliament is not supreme in the country and real democracy does not exist." If Parliament is not supreme and if the issue of separate province in Punjab is not an emotional one, which I think shall relate to the most heavily and thickly populated State in Pakistan. It is a usual trend in politics to create a hype in the masses, which is only emotional for the masses but a thick cake for the politicians. This is a common game plan. Then he goes on to the usual frenzy of a rabid obsession with Kashmir. How does it relate to the internal provincial problem of autonomy for the new provinces. But Kashmir must figure in any discussion with the Pakistani political leaders, relevant or irrelevant, does not matter. Is it an obsession or addiction, Kashmir can not be out of mind. The south Punjab is the poorest and most deprived part of province. Yet he is least concerned with poverty, development, power failure and load-shedding, education and schooling (I hasten to add, apart from the Madarsas which perhaps are plenty, thanx to the Islamic fundamentalism rampant flagrantly in that area), food shrtages and looming unemployment, lack of civil administrative machinery and such several umpteen subjects that could be talked about for human resource development programmes. I find it very unfortunate that the JUI Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman Saheb is least bothered about but Kashmir is set into his blood corpuscles. Is someone surprised, why is Pakistan burning and exploding? The need of the hour is the reformation of the very radicalised mindset than anything else. This should be the priority of top most urgency. This is when he is said to be constituent of the ruling Government as indicated by Nadir El Edroos above. Very very unfortunate indeed. Kashmir/India-centricity has to be cured. God bless. Dr. O. P. Sudrania
muhammad hanif malik | 14 years ago | Reply Now a days creation of new provinces is talk of every one who have either lost power or can not come to power in present set up of the country. The talk is only focused on making provinces out of Punjab. Mostly they base it on linguistic split where as PUNJAB is named on Geographical features, there are AWANS,RAJPUTS, PHATANS,ARIANS, CHAUDHRIES and --- residing together happily since centuries . This by no means is fair.Firstly there is no requirement of making more provinces as we have already made number of Districts for better administration secondly if it was so essential then why did they not do it when they were in in power and it is hard fact that people from SOUTH have have ruled this country more than others and ruled it in a typical FEUDAL way. People from South are no more prone to homesickness and are moving north in pursuit of Quality education and are a source of challenge for FEUDALS in near future. In-fact it is MEDIA which has enlightened new generation to acquire QUALITY education and rid SOUTH from clutches of FEUDALS. I pray our innocent people under stand the motives of their previous masters.There are many more serious issues this country is facing which need UNITY and Position of strength. WE the whole NATION are already suffering from politicizing our DAMS.
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