'Paan lips' are all the rage this season

Trend dates back to Sui and Tang Dynasties (AD 518) in Chinese history

Entertainment Desk January 26, 2016
Who knew this would top global fashion trends?

East Asians call them "cherry lips", people in the West call them "ombre lips" and we desis call them "paan lips".

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Yes, you heard us. Who knew this would top global fashion trends? But it's here now and if you were irked by your driver's paan eating habits, chances are you'll be joining him on the bandwagon soon.

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Here's how it's done: Apply lip gloss on the inside of your lips

And spread it with your fingers


And voila, you have yourself paan lips! To accentuate the colour and make your lips pop, you can add nude lipstick around the edges.

PHOTO: fawesome.ifood.tv

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This 'recent' trend dates back to the Sui and Tang Dynasties (AD 518) in Chinese history, and has also been predominately present in Korean and Japanese cultures since early times.


As for South Asians, the paan culture has been around for centuries.


While the west is faking it with oodles of expensive makeup, you can actually do it without going heavy on your wallet:

PHOTO: jodyyeddy

And work it like Aamir:

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