KESC lengthens rolling blackouts

Express May 01, 2010

KARACHI: The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) increased the duration of unannounced power outages from Saturday.

Faults in the system and overloaded grid stations are some of the reasons given by the KESC for the cuts. However, it is believed that the increased cuts are in response to decreased electricity supply by Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO). In some areas the outages are lasting up to six hours.

During the energy summit, the KESC was warned not to use the decrease of 350 megawatts in PEPCO’s supply as an excuse to increase power cuts in Karachi. In turn, the KESC was promised that it would be provided with extra natural gas and furnace oil to make up for the slashed power supply. According to officials, the KESC management claimed that the federal government did not fulfil its promise which was why they increased power cuts.

However, this increase in cuts is not being announced due to pressure from the federal government. Residents have complained that instead of the one-hour power cuts, rolling blackouts are lasting for more than an hour, which has harmed business.


Syed A. Mateen | 13 years ago | Reply KESC as private entity has no future. Even in the present circumstances KESC can provide uninterrupted power supply to entire Karachi without power cuts. But the KESC management does not want to do it and has created an artificial shortage of power supply resulting in massive load-shedding. There is not a single person who oversees the working of KESC. Whatever statement is given by the management of KESC is taken as correct by the superior authorities. One of the main reasons of economic downfall of Karachi is KESC due to which industrialists cannot run their industries properly due to frequent power cuts. How it is possible that Karachi having international importance and being hub of main trading activities does not have enough power to generate? KESC has not only been the core reason for degradation of Karachi but is also responsible for loss of revenue. Karachi cannot prosper economically unless it comes out from the clutches of KESC. I request the federal authorities to take control of KESC and the management should be show the door to leave the country. It is not possible that after years of privatization of KESC management of KESC cannot improve it’s functioning. It is unbelievable
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