Hindu jirga declares man, woman karo-kari

Express May 01, 2010

SALEH PAT: A Hindu man and woman, accused of adultery and declared karo-kari, were exiled from their village by a jirga.

Dewan Heera Nand and Ashoki, who are both married to other people, were charged with adultery by a jirga. The jirga was led by the provincial councilor Pehlaj Mal and the head of the Hindu panchayat, Seth Makhi Lodomal. However, both Mal and Lodomal have denied that the jirga took place. Nand, who runs a small clinic, told The Express Tribune that the jirga has ordered him to leave the city within 48 hours. He has also been ordered to walk across the city with his face blackened.

Nand said that a conspiracy was hatched against him by Mal, Lodomal and Saleh Pat SHO Khair Muhammad Samejo who is also to register an FIR against him on charges of kidnapping. He appealed to the Supreme Court to take action against those who held the jirga. Meanwhile, Ashoki has gone to her parents’ house in Pannu Aqil.

Ashoki’s husband and brother-in-law said that Nand used a talisman to influence her to become his friend after which she went mad. Nand also said that Ashoki suffered from a mental disorder and that she used to come to his clinic to get medicines. “I am a poor man,” he said, “And run the clinic to support my wife and children.”