Karachi Eat Festival 2016 enters day 3

Published: January 22, 2016


KARACHI: The food festival, which is running from January 22 – January 24, provides a delectable culinary snapshot of various cuisines, from sandwiches and pizzas to chapli kebabs and khaosay, a variety sure to satiate every foodie’s appetite. And, of course, no food festival would be complete without desserts, including cupcakes and churros.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the event, including photos, videos, interviews and polls.

Karachi Eat Festival 2016: Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

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The Karachi Eat festival has opened its doors. Foodies stay tuned!

More from karachi EAT as Frere hall fills up with visitors for the third and final day of the festival.

We are hungry for more!

We're hungry for more! Are you Karachi? #karachieat #etribune #happeningnow #frerehall

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Our favourite bubble tea is back!

How does this look?

How good does this look? A few hours to go for the #karachieat festival. Calling all foodies! #frerehall #etribune #karachi

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And we are live on day 3 of the #karachieat happening now at #frerehall Stay tuned for live updates! #etribune #karachi

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Delicious grilled-cheese sammies at FATSO’S

Sandwiches and brownies at Maison M

A look-around:

A few words from the team @ #breast&loin #karachieat #happeningnow #frerehall

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#karachieat #etribune #frerehall #happeningnow

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Speaking of Bun Kebabs..

Did someone say bun kebab? We're hungry for more! Stay tuned, more from #karachieat coming up. #etribune #frerehall

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Wish for more?

We spotted the cutest wishing tree at #karachieat #etribune #karachi #frerehall

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Foodies rejoice! Day two of the Karachi Eat Festival has commenced and we can’t wait to see what it is has to offer.

If we have missed out a stall you recommend, please mention in the comments section below and we will add it to our poll.

The best way to cool off!

There’s even a photo booth

#karachieat isn't complete without a photo booth! Send us your photos using #etribune #karachi #frerehall

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We have no words, everything looks so mouth-watering! Who else is at #karachieat ? #etribune #frerehall #karachi

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Must try at Karachi Eat: Wingitt

Opening soon at Bukhari, wingitt, it seems, has already won itself lots of fans.

Wing game strong! #wingitt #karachieat #frerehall Opening soon at khe-e-bukhari! #karachi #foodies #etribune

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Actor/director Amna Khan thinks Karachi Eat it amazing, do you?

We can’t get enough!

Team Bond Street Waffles!

Hey team #bondstreetwaffles Looking forward to some nutella drenched waffles! #karachieat #karachi #frerehall

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Things are heating up this lunch time

Things are heating up at #karachieat happening now @ #frerehall Stay tuned for more updates! #etribune

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Celebrity spotting!

#spotted at #karachieat #aligulpir !! Speaking to us about day 2 of the festival happening now @ #frerehall

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Not a foodie? Indulge in these luscious soaps by Harvest Tree

Not a foodie? Why not indulge in these luscious soaps from Harvest Tree! #karachieat #etribune #frerehall

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Overheard“Maid ka bhi ticket hai? Woh toh sirf bacha sambhalnay ayi hai.”

Looks like another busy day for the #churros&choc team at #karachieat Happening now at #frerehall #etribune #karachi

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Overheard“Mama I want to eat all the churros!”

China Kitchen’s menu looks appealing

Preparations underway

Preparations underway from Burns Road with love! Stay tuned for more. #karachieat #etribune #karachieat2016 #frerehall

A photo posted by The Express Tribune (@etribune) on

That’s all from us today, foodies! We’ll be back tomorrow with live updates from day two.

Cruncy, fresh, prepared right before your eyes: delectable dosa

We can’t get enough of this coffee vanilla gelato at Rubycone Gelato

Sweet, tangy, crunchy and delightful: Khaosey from Sanya’s Kitchen

Oh hey there Mr DJ!

Oh hey there Mr DJ! FM 91 dropping some sick beats at #karachieat2016 #karachi #frerehall #etribune

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Overheard“Oh man I’ve had so much meetha, I need something salty.”

For delicious burgers..

#bigthickburgerz are flaming hot #etlifestyle #etribune #karachieat2016 #happeningnow #karachi #lahore #islamabad #potd #pakistan

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We found this cute little stall of handcrafted items made by special children

Spoonful’s Nutella gol gappas are great!

#JustGirlThings:Us nay toh Sapphire pehna hua tha”

Suggestions, feedback

Suggestions suggestions! Here's what everyone should eat at #karachieat2016 #etribune #karachi #frerehall

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Overheard: “Yaar aj raat bohat green tea peeni parhay gi”

Delicious Sajji from Burns Road

Fareshteh Aslam, Fariyha Subhani spotted

Overheard: “Somebody control my kids, I can’t finish my chaat”

This lovely lady is selling some delicious open faced Danish sandwiches


We’re cheating with a churro, are you? 

Overheard“Let’s not wait for him, he was late last time as well.”

Chapli Kababs anyone?

We’re in for a treat with #Bondstreetwaffles

Overheard“Is there something with cheese?”

How cool is the Magnum store at #karachieat2016. Can’t wait to get our hands on one of those!

We got our hands on some churros! #karachieat #karachieat2016 #etribune Stay tuned food lovers!

A photo posted by The Express Tribune (@etribune) on

First stop, Churros! Grab your gyros and churros at #karachieat with #etribune Stay tuned for more!

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Reader Comments (7)

  • vinsin
    Jan 22, 2016 - 9:55PM

    Nowadays most of those food would be either consider as unhealthy or cooked will very less oil.Recommend

  • ShamelessPakistanis
    Jan 23, 2016 - 12:52AM

    Inferiority complexed westernized Pakistanis. Seriously? Where are dishes which are actually Pakistani?

    Churros?Cupcakes?, Magnum?, Waffles? Danish Sandwiches?

    Our snacks & dishes are much tastier. Karachi Eat Festival should have the Best of Bunkababs atleast? Recommend

  • tom
    Jan 23, 2016 - 2:36AM

    Just Wait till JustKhao.pk Mela comesRecommend

  • Abid
    Jan 23, 2016 - 5:24PM

    You guys missed KhaoDosa they had some amazing masala dosas and khaosueyRecommend

  • Intrepid
    Jan 24, 2016 - 11:02AM

    Love the pictures!

    However as a South Indian, I shall nitpick that the Masala Dosa looks like a pale imitation of the real one.Recommend

  • Haroon Rashid
    Jan 24, 2016 - 6:30PM

    Good iniative, with good sales. I’m sure the Excise & Taxation has recovered bumpy tax from the sale proceeds at the joint, which should be flawless. Suggest if the ETO, GST, Federal, Provincial taxation should declare today essentially about their recovery of taxes, so the Government should organise further shows for more revenue collection, as an example of revenue recovery, and avoidance at the actual selling points of the food being displayed. With all the literate, plastic and online payment crowd they must have paid good taxes.Recommend

  • Shoaib
    Jan 24, 2016 - 11:38PM

    @ShamelessPakistanis: Had you visited you would’ve known that they have bun kababs, gol gappay. chana chaat. doodh patti koyla karhai, aaloo paratha and haleem. These are the ones I saw for myself. Pretty sure there must have been more. Recommend

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