A province for Hazara

May 01, 2010

DAMMAM: This refers to Aziz Akhmad’s article on April 24 titled ‘Hazara suba.’ The history of Hazara tells us that many Pashtun tribes, over time, came and settled here. For centuries, the Hindko and the Pashtu speaking people were living without any conflict. Till now, when the ANP went ahead and changed the name of the province, a clear violation of the views held by most Hazara residents.

Also one should compare the infrastructure of tourist spots in Hazara like Kaghan or Nathiagali with those of other parts of the province. Now the situation is such that every time I go to Peshawar I am made to feel as if I am a Punjabi. The people of Hazara have no enmity with their Pashtun brothers — but at the same time I think it will be in the best interest of everyone if they got their own province as well.