First Sikh Ranger takes part in flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah border

Published: January 9, 2016


A Sikh ranger participated in the traditional beating retreat ceremony at Wagah border for the first time in history, according to IndiaTV.

Amarjeet Singh is the first Sikh to have participated at the flag-lowering ceremony on the border between Pakistan and India. Singh shook hands with an Indian ranger during the ceremony to a thunderous applause from both sides of the border on Thursday evening.

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Singh is a resident of Nankana Sahib. According to media reports, he joined the Pakistan Army in 2005 and completed training this year, after which he was included in the defence forces on the Wagah border.

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Speaking about his duty for Pakistan, Singh said that he is proud of being a part of the Pakistan Army and would be happy to lay down his life for the nation.

This article originally appeared on IndiaTV.

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Reader Comments (29)

  • Haji Atiya
    Jan 9, 2016 - 12:44PM

    Pakistan should mobilize a full regiment of such soldiers, then at least we’ll win some wars !Recommend

  • Hameed
    Jan 9, 2016 - 3:07PM

    Show piece drama.Recommend

  • Smiling Buddha
    Jan 9, 2016 - 4:07PM

    He was suppose to be on the other side with Khaki uniform…………. Recommend

  • Jan 9, 2016 - 6:18PM

    This is no show piece drama and is a reality. Excellent! Great going Pak Army! SalamsRecommend

  • Pakistani Dude
    Jan 9, 2016 - 10:03PM

    @Haji Atiya:
    remember 1965???Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn
    Jan 9, 2016 - 11:01PM

    @Haji Atiya: completely agree with you, sikh soldiers have been instrumental in India’s war victories over Pakistan.

    @Pakistani Dude: you should read about the 1965 war from neutral sources, I’m sure your opinion will change. Also read the views of Pakistani historian Akbar S. Zaidi about 1965 war.Recommend

  • Nasser
    Jan 10, 2016 - 12:02AM

    @Haji Atiya:
    We…..come on….you are an Indian. Have some moral courage to not hide your true identity. If you want to praise Sikhs praise him ..they are worth it but why hideously?Recommend

  • Sid
    Jan 10, 2016 - 1:27AM

    @Tommy Gunn:
    Pakistani historian Akbar S. Zaidi is “neutral” source ? Good one!Recommend

  • Hameed
    Jan 10, 2016 - 4:07AM


    This is no show piece dram

    One Sikh soldier at a very lowly rank in 70 years history and its no drama? How so? Recommend

  • brar
    Jan 10, 2016 - 4:53AM

    @Pakistani Dude: Why only 1965 you also won 1971 and 1999 congratulations.Recommend

  • Jamil M Chaudri
    Jan 10, 2016 - 6:03AM

    This is the Islamic Republic that Jinnah had in mind.
    Jinnah said (1947 Aug 11): “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the State”.
    This has always been a tradition in Muslim communities: respect for individuals of all faiths. All men of good faith are proud of Mr Amarjeet Singh, and his services to the Islamic Republic.Recommend

  • K J
    Jan 10, 2016 - 7:16AM

    What’s the big deal he is a citizen of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Haji Atiya
    Jan 10, 2016 - 7:30AM

    @Jamil M Chaudri:
    No I am not a Sikh or Indian for that matter but as Jamil stated above, we should take those profound words of Jinnah to heart even if you and your ilk do not. By the way, the 1965 war was never considered an outright win for any country, rather a stalemate. But apart from the Rann of Kutch incident, let’s not dwell on the score of the other run ins.Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn
    Jan 10, 2016 - 9:07AM

    @Sid: That’s why I mentioned “neutral source” & Zaidi seperately. FYI, Mr. Zaidi believes that Pakistan lost the 1965 war badly.Recommend

  • Sane Khan
    Jan 10, 2016 - 9:09AM

    Love it, love it love it….Recommend

  • Pakistani minority
    Jan 10, 2016 - 12:18PM

    Thank-you Modi, it is your fear,now the Pakistani government are beginning to look upon minority.Recommend

  • Ahmer
    Jan 10, 2016 - 2:35PM

    @Tommy Gunn:
    Agreed 100 %. If it was not for the sikhs we would have over run india 3 times already. That is why Mountbatton split the punjab. He could not leave the Indians without a fighting force!Recommend

  • sunil vohra
    Jan 10, 2016 - 8:20PM

    He joined Pak army in 2005 and completed his training this year.He took 10 years to get trained !!!!!Recommend

  • Vinod chauhan
    Jan 10, 2016 - 8:53PM

    @Jamil M Chaudri:
    How comes sikhs and hindu minorities are reduced under 1%?Recommend

  • Human
    Jan 11, 2016 - 12:36AM

    Something’s burning here guys! ;)Recommend

  • jutt
    Jan 11, 2016 - 4:47AM

    @Haji Atiya:
    So you are implying that Sikhs are treacherous? That if inducted en masse in Pak Army, they will belie their oath? Strange.Recommend

  • President APJ Kalam
    Jan 11, 2016 - 4:50AM

    Show piece drama.


  • IndianDude
    Jan 11, 2016 - 9:27AM

    This shows that the Pakistan has begun to treat their minority better and may in future join the civilized nations of 21st century. Indian had a proud Sikh as a prime minister for 10 years and Pakistan has checkmated the Indian with a ceremonial Sikh foot soldier!

    Amarjeet Singh Pajee, you can go a long way in the other side of the border.Recommend

  • Haji Atiya
    Jan 11, 2016 - 10:32AM

    Didn’t imply anything. But there are clear implications that you could improve on your reading and comprehension skills !Recommend

  • Changez khan
    Jan 12, 2016 - 7:10AM

    @Haji Atiya:
    14 December, 1971
    Flt Lt Saleem Beg Mirza was the leader of the escort section to a formation of four F-86s, striking Srinagar Air Base. Flg Off Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon in his Gnat tried to intercept the raid but was shot down by Flt Lt Saleem Beg. Flg Off Nirmaljit was credited by IAF for shooting two F-86s but in fact all the six F-86s, including both the escorts and the fighting elements, returned safely to Peshawar Flt Lt Saleem Beg Mirza. Taloot Mirza – Tamgha-i-Juraat
    Flight Lieutenant Taloot Mirza flew a total of fifteen operational missions and was engaged in aerial combat thrice. He demonstrated a high degree of cool courage in both ground attack and aerial combat. On 10th December, 1971,when on a close support mission, his formation of two aircrafts was engaged by six enemy SU-7 aircrafts. Flight Lieutenant Taloot accepted the challenge coolly and successfully destroyed one SU-7 in the face of heavy odds. For his courage and dedication to service he has been awarded Tamgha-i-Juraat. Recommend

  • Changez khan
    Jan 12, 2016 - 7:34AM

    @Haji Atiya: The trophy was definitely no mean feat but perhaps icing on the cake was taking into custody its pilot too, Squadron Leader Brij Pal Singh by Flight Lieutenant Hakimullah. Singh – the Indian pilot who preferred to surrender then – retired as an Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force while Hakimullah in the later years of his career assumed the command of the air force as the Air Chief Marshal Sense of satisfaction to protect the motherland and warranted unity among PAF pilots including Flight Officer Abbas Mirza and Flight Lieutenant Syed Saad Hatmi could also be easily gauged through looks of the Pakistani air fighters. Yes! Nothing could deter them nor their spirit could be defeated,Recommend

  • citizen
    Jan 12, 2016 - 7:16PM

    All drama,!!!! this border show should stop, does America and Canada have similar shows, does Bangladesh and India have similar drama’s, Do European countries have similar shows, do Saudi’s and Yemen’s have similar shows, does Iran and Pakistan have similar shows??. So what are both countries trying to prove???. Recommend

  • Haji Atiya
    Jan 13, 2016 - 4:26AM

    @Changez khan:
    Wasn’t that the war we lost half the country ?Recommend

  • surprised
    Jan 13, 2016 - 3:20PM

    @sunil vohra:
    If indeed that is true 10 years for training, for what exactly???Recommend

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