Anoushey, Urwa and other celebs get a make-over

Stylist Shammal Qureshi teams up with celebs to revamp looks based on their persona

Mehek Saeed January 05, 2016
Stylist Shammal Qureshi teams up with celebs to revamp looks based on their persona. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY


There is an underlying assumption that celebrities have stylists to tend to their needs at their beck and call, ensuring they always look their best. While this may hold true for some, others have played it safe with their stylistic choices since they set foot in the industry. In the hopes of breathing life into the dull and dreary, Shammal Qureshi, creative director at Toni & Guy (North), teamed up with seven celebrities at a recent event to give them makeovers.

Shammal focused on making the looks both edgy and practical so that the stars could carry them off with ease even after the showcase. The Express Tribune talks to Shammal about what he envisioned for some of these stars based on their respective personas.

Uzair Jaswal

“We have been styling Uzair for a while now and were doing an ‘Elvis Presley’ look before this but that is outdated,” says Shammal. Uzair wanted to maintain the length of his hair and Shammal wanted to go for something younger, more ‘Zayn Malik-esque’. The two agreed on shortening Uzair’s hair from the sides and pushing the centre forward rather than slicking it back to add texture to it. While the end result was not a transformation, the pearly blonde streaks in the front could be deemed a slight modification at best.

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Zoe Viccaji

The musician is known to experiment with her hair, choosing fringes and shorter, edgier hair but mainly sporting looks that tilt towards the tom-boy end of the spectrum. What she had not dabbled with yet were feminine layers, so Shammal decided to give her those. He added a subtle balayage underneath and changed the shape of her layers, which uplifted her look but was not as effective as we hoped it would be.

Mohsin Abbas

“One of the strongest looks, I feel,” Shammal says about the actor’s hairstyle. From singing to acting to writing to hosting, Mohsin wears many hats in the industry, but has had the same long, slicked-back hair for a while. Shammal was confident that with his flamboyant personality, Abbas could pull off anything. He gave him a short buzzed cut inspired by Ruby Rose, the star from Orange is the New Black, who has garnered a cult following on the basis of her hair alone. Abbas’s final look gave off an edgy vibe that came off as bold yet effortlessly cool.

Fashion means business

Urwa Hocane

The Na Maloom Afraad star has not been daring with her hair in the past. Her photo shoots and acting stints usually require her to keep her long tresses intact so that they can be adapted to suit any role. Keeping this in mind, Shammal used the balayage technique for her hair, using a tinge of blonde, blue and slate grey – a colour he predicts will be dominate this winter. Fashionistas across the world have dubbed the grey trend ‘granny hair’ but it lent nothing short of oomph to Urwa’s look. Her hair was styled with side-parting, a side-braid and the other side wisped and batted out to show the colour change in its entirety.

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Anoushey Ashraf

Since the VJ-host made her breakthrough on TV, she has been known for sporting long hair. Whether it’s blow-dried, curled or falling straight over her shoulders, she has always held on to her locks with joy. Her makeover turned out to be one of the strongest as she flaunted her short hair, saying, “My friends and family back home are saying it has shed years off my age.” Her hair colour was slightly altered as it transformed into warmer tones of brown.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 6th, 2016.

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sadeqain | 5 years ago | Reply Love Mohsin Abbass' look, he sure can pull off a lot of crazy cool. Great job with Urwa too, girl needs to mix things up. Ozzy likes to experiment so nothing new there. And Anoushay looks young for her age if she's 40. Is she 40? I don't think so. And what is that dress? Love her though, she's fun and friendly and that look is not. Come on T & G, Nosh's got more edge than that!
hiyya | 5 years ago | Reply they all are looking so uncomfortable ..forced senseless makeovers
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