Love in the time of imprisonment

Mehmood Ali Pathan April 30, 2010

LARKANA: In prison, everybody spends their time in different ways. Some take to scratching the number of days they have spent in jail on prison walls; others find love.

Basho Shabrani, who has been imprisoned in Larkana Central Jail for 18 years, started talking to Rehana on his cell phone about one year ago. Gradually, conversations gave way to love and love culminated in a wedding ceremony held inside the jail on Thursday, officials said. The rukshsati, of course, will take place once Shabrani completes his term.

Unfortunately for the newly married couple, sentenced to 117 years, Shabrani still has 99 more years to go. When contacted by The Express Tribune, Shabrani, who is in his mid 40s, admitted to owning a cell phone but denied that he had married Rehana. He said he was a widower. The jail officials, meanwhile, confirm that the nikkah took place. According to them, Rehana took a strong stand against the wishes of her parents, who were less than pleased with the idea of her marrying a convicted man.

In the face of her determination though, they finally gave up and decided to give their blessings to the union. They even met Shabrani about a month ago and were reportedly greeted with gifts and a sum of Rs200,000. Like any other couple, Shabrani and Rehana too have their differences. Officials said that a few days ago, Rehana had a fight with Shabrani after which she tried to kill herself by drinking poison. She had to be treated at a hospital in Larkana where she gradually recovered.

Superintendent of the Larkana Central Jail Aurangzeb Kango told The Express Tribune that Shabrani was arrested by the police 18 years ago on charges of murder, kidnapping and robbery. The court awarded him a death sentence which was later converted to imprisonment. Shabrani, however, is not the only prisoner in Larkana jail to have found love. According to jail officials, 42-year-old Ali Gauhar Narejo, a convicted robber, has also entered into a relationship with a girl over the phone. Narejo has been in jail for nine years.


Humna | 13 years ago | Reply The ones who deserve love the least are the ones who should be loved the most! Love and patience can make criminals human!
A Rasool Ansari | 13 years ago | Reply i still recall the terror of Bacho Shabrani during my school days. He was on of notorious dacotits of Larkana divsion and always attacks at police stations. Once a time he informed Warrah police and later attacked on on with rocket launcher killing and injuring many cops. But i wondered to read the story that he got married to woman on phone.
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