Pakistan refuses to allow migrants deported from Greece to disembark from plane in Islamabad

All 30 individuals including the flight crew were initially not allowed to exit the plane

Reuters/irfan Ghauri December 03, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan refused on Thursday to allow 30 migrants deported from Greece to disembark from a plane at the Benazir International Airport, Islamabad, the interior ministry said, a week after high-level talks with the European Union to settle a dispute over forced repatriations.

"On the orders of Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the FIA has not allowed these illegally deported people and the aircraft crew to leave the plane," the ministry said in a statement, referring to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

No space for Pakistani ‘migrants’ on Greece’s floating ‘refugee camp’

Further, according to the ministry, the deportees were sent back illegally and in violation of Pakistan’s laws.

The statement pointed out that a settlement of all issues related to illegal migrants and their subsequent deportation had already been reached with the European Union, but an EU nation has violated the Pakistani laws which will not be allowed at any cost.

“Illegal deportees from any country who do not hold any proper documentation will be sent back to the respective countries,” it added.

'Pakistan ready to take back illegal migrants entering EU'

Earlier, the government instructed its diplomatic missions in European capitals to demand evidence of a potential crime when host countries sought to deport illegal immigrants being held on terror charges to Pakistan.

The move came days after the government said it had suspended its agreement on the readmission of illegal immigrants with European Union countries, except Britain, because of its “blatant misuse”.

Further, during a meeting Nisar directed Pakistani diplomatic missions in Europe to demand proof from host governments that wanted to deport Pakistanis on terror charges, a statement said.

Pakistan to demand 'proof' of terror charges for deportees

“It is a violation of human rights if any Pakistani is deported on terror charges without any proof,” he said, according to the statement.

“We have to not only give courage to Pakistani expatriates, but also stand by them at every step.”


kdp | 8 years ago | Reply Perhaps they are afraid of Greeks and Europeans getting in Pakistan posing as Pakistanis?
Akbar | 8 years ago | Reply @Sami Shahid: Please stop making silly comments. What you seem to say is that EU are deporting their own citizens of Pakistani Origin back to Pakistan. I dont know any Citizen of Pak Origin being deported in US/Europe. When seen with a Muslim Name, they may seen with suspicion especially when are they coming from Pak during immigration. Its very scary for Pakistan if Citizens of EU/US are deported for their Pakistani lineage. It shouldn`t happen.
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