Muslims in Australia three times likely to face racism than others: study

Study reveals of 600 Muslims surveyed 57% had experienced racism in some form

Web Desk December 02, 2015

Muslims in Australia are three times likely to be victims of racism as compared to other religions, according to a new study.

A survey conducted in Sydney involving 600 Muslims revealed that a substantial 57% of respondents had experienced racism in some form.

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The survey's lead author, Kevin Dunn explained, "Because of things that are happening in the world and the various representations of Muslims… some people unfortunately feel more emboldened to say things and do things which are prejudicial and which are hurtful towards Muslims."

The survey which was conducted by Western Sydney University, Charles Sturt University and the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy also revealed that unemployment in respondents is 8.5% higher than the Sydney average of 3.7%. Further, of the 600 Muslims surveyed nearly 62% had experienced racism in the workplace or in quest of a job.

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However, Dunn emphasised that there is a “strong sense of belonging”  that many Muslims feel in Australia, notwithstanding the rise in Islamophobia. Moreover, 86% of the respondents believe that relations between Australian Muslims and non-Muslims were friendly.

Nine in 10 Muslims who took part in the study said it was important their children be accepted as Australians, and two-thirds said they mixed socially with non-Muslims, according to the Guardian.

This article originally appeared on ABC News.


observer | 5 years ago | Reply "Muslims in Australia three times likely to face racism than others: study " If it is so bad, why are't they moving back their native Muslim countries? Worse, why are hundreds of thousands of Muslims beating down the door to enter Australia and other western countries knowing fully well all this bad "racism"?
Aussie by Choice.. Pakistani by heart | 5 years ago | Reply Dear Tribune.. if you want to copy an article from somewhere then please don't change the theme. The article as mentioned above as well was published by ABC and the title was "Sydney Muslims experience discrimination at three times the rate of other Australians: study". By the way, no body cares about what ABC so yeah neither the numbers make any sense nor the statement. You are talking about Sydney where half of the McDonalds serve Halal food :) go figure
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