Women who urinated in front of praying Muslim family spared jail

A Syrian family were praying in the direction of Makkah when two drunk women started shouting abuse

Web Desk December 01, 2015

Two women who shouted racial abuse and urinated in front of a Muslim family that was praying in a park in England, have walked free from court.

A Syrian family were praying in the direction of Makkah during a picnic in Plymouth's Central Park, when two drunk women, Natalie Richardson, 32, and Claire Farrell, 36, ran uphill towards them and shouted racial abuse.

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The pair then resorted to pulling down their underwear and squatted a few metres away from the family, which included two children ages eight and 10.

Other than the family, six other children were also a witness to this revolting act, and as a passer-by tried to intervene, Richardson aggressively pushed the witness in the chest.

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Following the incident, the pair were handed suspended sentences at Plymouth Crown court by a judge who described their behaviour as “disgusting”.

“Nobody in civilised society could see your behaviour in any way justified or acceptable, not in the multi-cultural society in which we live," he said.

Although both women pleaded guilty to religiously-aggravated threats and abusive behaviour, and Richardson also admitted the common assault of a witness to the incident, the six-month jail term was suspended for 12 months.

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The family who are originally from Syria have lived in England for many years; where the mother of two is a teacher, and the father is employed in a surgery.

Some took to Twitter condemning the behaviour:


This article originally appeared on Yahoo News.

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usman778 | 5 years ago | Reply @nishit... your name is Nishit.
Another Pakistani | 5 years ago | Reply Our neighbours blaming the family here are perhaps showing their typical mentality like blaming the victim for rape. It's a free country and the family was free to pray in public. I don't think the UK laws prohibit anyone from praying in public. But actions of the women involved were racist and abusive which are not allowed by laws of any civilized country, let alone the UK.
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