Siberian tiger befriends goat in Russian animal park

Amur, the Siberian tiger, shares cordial relationship with the goat named Timur

Web Desk November 30, 2015
The tiger has befriended the goat instead of eating it. VIDEO SCREEN GRAB

Seems like the feared animal species need more than just food as a tiger in Russia has befriended a courageous goat who was meant to be a live food.

Amur, the Siberian tiger, now shares cordial relationship with the goat named Timur instead of eating it.

Russian animal park’s authorities gave the goat to the tiger in his cage as a meal but instead of gulping it, the tiger seemed to have developed a bonding with the goat.

Not that Amur doesn’t know how to eat live food: the tiger knows very well how to hunt goats and rabbits but this time he chose otherwise and refused to hunt Timur.

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Video uploaded by the animal park’s authorities show Timur bravely stays with the Tiger, following him in the enclosure and enforcing their sleeping arrangements.

Legend has it that Timur was aptly named for his bravery after a lead character in the Communist-era children book Timur And His Squad.

Activists call on zoo to separate Timur and Amur

Activists, fans have started calling on the animal park authorities to separate the two animals as it could endanger Timur’s lives.

Visitors to the zoo say Timur has earned the right to live, and called him ‘sensational’.

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Bogdan, a visitor to the zoo, wrote: "Let his story be not only about the compassion the tiger showed towards the brave goat, but about people showing humanism too."

But now separating them seems a bit difficult since Amur the tiger have started showing a protective attitude towards the brave goat.

"[Amur] hissed at an employee who feeds the tigers, as if to tell him, 'Hey, don't you ever approach my friend'," a keeper reportedly said.

"Before that, he never showed any aggression towards staff."

The article originally appeared in ABC News


Clockboy Ahmed | 7 years ago | Reply .. for now. Let the tiger build some appetite and then we will see a fat tiger and goat carcass.
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