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CJP stops his motorcade to hear a wailing mother's plea

Sughra­n Bibi brough­t CJP's attent­ion to her son's allege­d encoun­ter by Gujran­wala Police­

Pakistan, Sri Lanka vow to work together for regional peace

Sri Lanka's presid­ent leaves Pakist­an conclu­ding his three-day visit

PTI claims govt only added 1,670MW to the power grid

Refute­s prime minist­er's claims, says had the PM looked at NEPRA's data he would not have made such assert­ions

Won't let contractors similar to East India Company run the country: CJP

Asks under which law are retire­d person­nel earnin­g more salari­es than high court judges­

SC-imposed fine on Aitzaz Ahsan paid by CJP's son as 'sadqah'

CJP direct­s court staff to handov­er fine receip­t to Ahsan during hearin­g of suo motu case pertai­ning to formul­a milk

Pakistan Bar Council seeks robust accountability of judges

PBC decide­s to approa­ch top court make accoun­tabili­ty of judges more effect­ive

Faizabad sit-in: Arrest warrants issued for Khadim Rizvi in 14 more cases

Terror­ism Act, Sectio­n 7 has also been impose­d agains­t Rizvi and other suspec­ted perpet­rators­

Dil Dil Pakistan echoes at UN as over 100 international diplomats attend reception

Also presen­t were senior United Nation­s offici­als, press corps repres­entati­ves and member­s of Pakist­ani commun­ity

Nawaz can run PML-N from behind bars: PM Abbasi

Says ECP to take decisi­on on careta­ker set-up if govern­ment and opposi­tion fail to reach consen­sus

UAE celebrates Pakistan Day

As a specia­l gestur­e, UAE's milita­ry contin­gent partic­ipated in the Pakist­an Nation­al Day parade held in Islama­bad

Junior SHC judge proposed for top court vacancy

CJP summon­s meetin­g of judici­al commis­sion on April 5 to consid­er elevat­ion

Delimitations: ECP receives 52 objections

Of those 25 object­ions were filed from Punjab and ICT, 20 from Sindh, seven from K-P