Women, ‘honour’ and justice

Scores of women are killed in the country every year in the name ‘honour’, while the culprits go scot free

Updated Apr 17, 2021
Agri prices

Past several years Pakistan has been importing two commodities it used to export

Updated Apr 17, 2021
US sanctions on Russia

For alleged interference in the 2020 elections and the SolarWinds hack

Updated Apr 17, 2021
Economic inequality

Economic inequality has always prevailed in human society in one form or the other

Updated Apr 17, 2021
A new team again

PTI’s search for a right team-combination continues more than two and a half years into the government tenure

Updated Apr 17, 2021
Babar Azam on top

In Babar, Pakistan have found a dependable batsman

Updated Apr 16, 2021
Encouraging LSM figures

This turnaround will likely have a positive multiplier effect on most sectors of the economy

Updated Apr 16, 2021
Biden’s pullout decision

The Americans bet on a series of lame horses and have been unable to change their bets

Updated Apr 16, 2021
Rising expat dollars

Remittances from abroad have long been a big support for our country which is awfully desperate for foreign exchange

Updated Apr 14, 2021
Ramazan and raging virus

The trend is worrying, as the holy month of fasting has always been marked by people congregating for various reasons

Updated Apr 14, 2021

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  • Exclusion from climate summit

    Officials and environmentalists in Pakistan are annoyed over exclusion from the summit despite Pakistan being ranked as the fifth most vulnerable country with regard to global warming

  • Retracing our steps

    The Sindh government does not seem to be too eager to prevent the crisis

  • Falling standard

    From attendance, quizzes and assignments to posting marks on LMS and CMS, the performance of teachers and staff members remain at variance with professional standards

  • The Holi festival

    Holi is the well-renowned festival of a very ancient Indus Valley civilisation that is celebrated by the Hindu community around the world

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