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  • Maryam, Shah in the saddle

    A plummeted economy and a deficit-ridden exchequer will come as a challenge to handle

  • Plane crash report

    Criticises the CAA to a lesser degree for its failure to issue rules for pilots flying while fasting

  • Elevating women farmers

    By broadening this definition, we can facilitate inclusion of women farmers in benefit schemes and service provisions

  • Brute force

    Most appalling part of the video shows a police official brutally slapping the woman

  • Rise and rise in power tariff

    Discos have sought over Rs85 billion in recovery from consumers as capacity charges

  • Reconnecting with Iran

    Tehran and Islamabad are once again connecting the dots by browbeating the pressure of international sanctions

  • Chaos and confusion

    MPAs belonging to PTI were forcefully prevented from taking oaths, along with unending circus of abductions, arrests

  • Necessary fire inspections

    Fire at Sindh Government Hospital Liaquatabad serves as wake-up call for stricter building safety regulations

  • Street crimes in Karachi

    Committee shouldn't only discuss crime situation but also formulate, implement effective strategies to tackle it

  • Hold Israel accountable

    Israel must rescind from its position and the least it could do is to vacate the occupied lands

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