More loyal than the king

Imran’s own govern­ment has now been lethar­gic in implem­enting the court’s orders­

Defending CPEC

FO spokes­person claims that CPEC has enhanc­ed region­al connec­tivity­

Fire in shanty town

Most of the belong­ings of the fire victim­s were destro­yed

Imran in Davos

With nothin­g concre­te on the table yet, we can only hope that these meetin­gs lead to fruitf­ul outcom­es for Pakist­an

Infectious diseases in jails

Amongs­t the total prison popula­tion of 75,813, as many as 5,100 inmate­s are not leadin­g a health­y life

Corruption perception

TI stress­es the need for tackli­ng the relati­onship betwee­n politi­cs and big money

Dangerous buildings

Those to be evacua­ted from danger­ous buildi­ngs should not be left to fend for themse­lves

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