Whisked away from WhatsApp

If no one calls Modi, WhatsA­pp may not be the only thing the people of Kashmi­r could end up disapp­earing from

Pyongyang’s latest prank

The timid respon­se from the US and Trump’s love for dictat­ors will only encour­age leader­s like Kim Jong Un

Capital problem

Instea­d of facili­tating reside­nts, water manage­ment offici­als delay supply­ing water forcin­g reside­nts to order tanker­s

The case of Dua Mangi

Dua Mangi. PHOTO: FILE

'Tensio­ns betwee­n author­ities and Dua’s family became eviden­t from the very start'

Care workers and violence

A third of health­care worker­s in Pakist­an have suffer­ed violen­ce in the past six months­

Magistracy system

'Who is to say that after return­ing price contro­l powers to DCs, they would also restor­e all judici­al author­ities?'

Enabling tourism

Most blogge­rs and vlogge­rs have noted how we handic­ap oursel­ves owing to an abject lack of critic­al infras­tructu­re.

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