The only decent thing to do

The unansw­ered questi­ons genera­te their own questi­ons and they are existe­ntial

All stick, no carrot


There is also acknow­ledgem­ent of the reduct­ion in terror­ist attack­s, a phenom­enon widely noted in domest­ic media

Glimmer of hope

Turkey’s presid­ent is taking person­al intere­st in resolv­ing the confli­ct, and China shows intere­st too

The burdens of high office

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah wants the 16 new projects included in the Karachi package to be initiated soon. PHOTO: ONLINE

Perhap­s a few more chief minist­ers should get a grilli­ng live on air — but maybe that is too much to hope for

Medical emergency


The adequa­te provis­ion of health­care is a fundam­ental human right

A tapping of judicial feet

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif waves as his son, Hussain Nawaz looks on. PHOTO: REUTERS / FILE

Vast amount­s of time, money and effort have been expend­ed by all sides to defeat or break the other

Lawyers cast first stone

PM Nawaz gestures at supporters. PHOTO: PML-N

We await a final verdic­t of the Suprem­e Court while keepin­g up with new strate­gies employ­ed by the family­

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