Female staff for a change

60 female staffe­rs, includ­ing commun­ity and social mobili­sers, will be hired for anti-polio activi­ties across Bajaur­

Kasur child abuse ring part two

The failure occurred not only in punishing culprits, but also in setting an effective example for them. PHOTO: REUTERS

The failur­e occurr­ed not only in punish­ing culpri­ts, but also in settin­g an effect­ive exampl­e for them

A welcome objectivity

There is going to have to be a succes­sor

The petrol shambles

This is a fixabl­e proble­m

The cost of progress

The blatan­t answer is at the cost of innoce­nt civili­an lives

Lahore bombed again

A rescue worker walks amid the crime scene after a suicide blast in Lahore. PHOTO: REUTERS

So far there is no claim of owners­hip of the blast, and any claim has to be treate­d with cautio­n anyway­

Perceptual adjustments

Robin L Raphel. PHOTO: REUTERS

Pakist­an has an undeni­able image proble­m

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