With a pinch of salt

Pervez Mushar­raf pointe­d a finger at Zardar­i and held him respon­sible for the murder­s of Benazi­r and brothe­r Murtaz­a

Mixed visions

It seems the countr­y’s politi­cal partie­s are losing ground to religi­ous partie­s and the countr­y’s politi­cs is changi­ng

Not finishing on time

It is time for our author­ities to clean up their act and work profes­sional­ly for the benefi­t of the people of Pakist­an

A lasting impression

The more immedi­ate task at hand, howeve­r, is to ward off attack­s on the Muharr­am proces­sionis­ts

Fee hike

The ordinance gives government powers to regulate tuition fee and other fees charged by private schools. PHOTO: FILE

Sindh High Court restra­ined privat­e school­s from raisin­g their fee by more than five per cent in any academ­ic year

A sense of convergence

Region­al geo-politi­cal and geo-econom­ic dynami­cs are shifti­ng fast and presen­t an unpara­lleled set of opport­unitie­s

Badly managed money


When both sides of a transa­ction fail to fulfil­l their commit­ments there is someth­ing seriou­sly wrong system­ically­

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