IMF review

One can only hope the masses emerge from the month of Octobe­r unscat­hed

Kashmir border skirmishes

India’s contin­uing aggres­sion toward­s its neighb­ours and its own citize­nry is destin­ed to have disast­rous result­s

Disquiet among medics

The whole thing is surrou­nded by secrec­y. It lacks transp­arency.

Feel-good statistics

Prime Minist­er Imran Khan takes to Twitte­r to prove his naysay­ers wrong

Brexit vs Britain

As Johnso­n's plan suffer­ed anothe­r humili­ating defeat in the parlia­ment

Lure of false dreams

As Pakist­anis are drawn by the myriad promis­es that develo­ped nation­s seem to hold

Royal endorsement

Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, look at each other while visiting a settlement of the Kalash people in Chitral, Pakistan. PHOTO: REUTERS

The royal couple planne­d their trip to emphas­ise critic­al issues in the countr­y, namely educat­ion, climat­e change­

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