Unfattening the milk industry

The soluti­on the FBR found was the withdr­awal of zero-rating regime and imposi­ng 10% sales tax on milk produc­ts

May the force be with us

Ranger­s extens­ion provid­es solace to many

Anger in Afghanistan

Kabul has to bolste­r its defenc­e forces in all provin­ces if it wants to counte­r acts of terror­

Lame defence of FBR performance


The revenu­e body’s perfor­mance cannot be blamed on extern­al factor­s

Scene shifts to Chitral

A man on Friday brutally beaten inside a mosque by angry worshippers who accused him of committing blasphemy. PHOTO: EXPRESS

A man was allege­d to have made blasph­emous remark­s in a mosque immedi­ately after Friday prayer­s

Power, politics, and the campus

Suppression of campus politics has contributed to a revival in youth’s political consciousness. DESIGN: ESSA MALIK

Campus politi­cs have been all but erased from univer­sity life

The nuclear battlefield

Pakist­an’s curren­t issue at the top of the nuclea­r agenda is the mainte­nance of propor­tional­ity rather than parity­

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