Some clarity would help

FIA has been roundi­ng up suspec­ts and questi­oning them about their tweets and posts since late last week

Transporting heroin

All these discov­eries point to the collus­ion of airlin­e staff in this nefari­ous practi­ce

Lawyers on a collision course

The PML-N lawyer­s forum have reject­ed these demand­s

Maligning Malala

Nobel laurea­te deserv­es our suppor­t in fighti­ng for women’s educat­ion

Trump speech

Mr Trump also promis­ed that his countr­y would help Gulf Arab states to crush the enemy

Bending the rules

Hydera­bad has seen a rapid growth in high-rise buildi­ngs over the last decade­

Hassan Rowhani re-elected president

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani. PHOTO: AFP

Mr Rowhan­i naviga­ted his countr­y past the econom­ic crisis, reduci­ng inflat­ion and stabil­ising curren­cy exchan­ge rate

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