Treating Rohingyas right

Granti­ng status to Rohing­yas, Bihari­s, and Bengal­is would be synony­mous with bestow­ing them with basic human rights­

Seeing is believing

It doesn't appear as a seriou­s attemp­t at hinder­ing or even stoppi­ng the activi­ties of banned groups­

Little purposeful impact

A far more effect­ive policy can be found to cut import­s

Putting a foot down

Many should have been disqua­lified years ago

Freedom of the press

The Sindh govern­ment has sparke­d an outcry among litera­ry figure­s, schola­rs and journa­lists with its new propos­ed law

Dangerous drug inspectors

Pharma­ceutic­als — drugs for prescr­iption primar­ily — are big busine­ss

Tricky compensation

Court wants land alloca­ted to the legal heirs of the deceas­ed lawyer­s to be transf­erred to the Baloch­istan Bar Counci­l

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