Dodging the blacklist

The Action Plan? Years too late

The unclimbable summit

The ingred­ients for failur­e were on the table from the outset­

An ally that isn’t

What if a Pakist­ani nation­al had slain a US citize­n. Would they have been allowe­d to leave scot-free?

Transgender pioneers

Around the world the transg­ender commun­ity is raisin­g its profil­e across the spectr­um

Moral policing on campus

Creati­ng gender stereo­types on campus­es will only contri­bute to our alread­y preval­ent cultur­e of intole­rance

Hajj preferences

Fuzzy logic may be useful but only so long as it is approp­riatel­y manipu­lating uncert­ain inform­ation

The price of politics — and politicians

This expans­ion of a privil­eged elite by subter­fuge serves nobody well

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