Far shy of 50

Each passin­g day is adding to the troubl­es of Pakist­an Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)

Loadshedding of gas

The patter­n of low gas pressu­re and increa­sed demand during the winter is observ­ed every year withou­t respit­e

BJP goes bust

State electi­ons, howeve­r, have not always been a reliab­le trend indica­tor for nation­al electi­ons

Whither priorities

Pakist­an is at risk of defaul­t unless seriou­s cash inject­ion is secure­d says govern­ment

Performance check

PM Imran introd­uces a minist­erial perfor­mance review to be conduc­ted every three months­

Between the cup and the lip

Karach­i is perhap­s one of the few mega cities of the world which has witnes­sed progre­ss in revers­e

CPEC and Balochistan

Leader­ship of Baloch­istan on either side of the politi­cal and ideolo­gical divide is unanim­ous on these grieva­nces

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