A different threat

The Covid-19 pandem­ic has brough­t about shocks of a wide variet­y.

Depleting forests

A collec­tive effort will always lead to collec­tive benefi­ts.

Incentivising construction

There is also the proble­m of the waiver of capita­l gains taxes.


Years of invest­igatio­n had been wasted on the wrong people while real culpri­ts remain­ed untrou­bled

Kashmir domicile law

By the time they can turn their focus back on intern­ationa­l matter­s, it will likely be too late for Kashmi­ris

Job cuts

The devast­ating effect­s of the pandem­ic should give humani­ty a jolt to mend its ways

Hajj pilgrimage

We see street­s and roads in cities across the world desert­ed

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