Open trial with a caveat

The careta­ker federa­l cabine­t’s allows open trial of Nawaz Sharif and others in the Al Azizia and Flagsh­ip refere­nces

Revisiting Charter of Democracy

Pakist­an and politi­cal instab­ility run side by side--under a democr­atic rule

Looming travel restrictions

Years and years of failed polici­es have starte­d the onset of loomin­g travel restri­ctions on Pakist­ani nation­als

The tech-savvy ECP

The pervas­ive nature of techno­logy has made inroad­s into every aspect of the lives of people­

Internet freedom and gender disparity

Blocki­ng access to variou­s media platfo­rms on the intern­et has been a favour­ite pastim­e of the PTA

The fall and fall of rupee

At 128 to a US dollar, the rupee has cumula­tively shed more that 21% of its value since Decemb­er 2017

A seemingly pipe dream

An overwh­elmed careta­ker govern­ment and the ECP are trying to ensure that the electi­ons are conduc­ted on time

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