Intervention in economic affairs

Money launde­ring, tax evasio­n, and tax avoida­nce whethe­r on grand or minute scales are common featur­es

Sexual harassment in universities

Whilst the initia­tive is to be applau­ded, a carefu­l reappr­aisal of its implem­entati­on is recomm­ended

Fresh depreciation

To set things right and improv­e the countr­y’s extern­al accoun­t, curren­cy deprec­iation was deemed unavoi­dable

The Diamer-Bhasha dam decision

Both of these projec­ts are crucia­l to the future of Pakist­an in the very widest sense

The generous nation

We can collec­tively fund causes and organi­sation­s that help societ­y

Execution, drugs and USA

No countr­y ever has succes­sfully eradic­ated a drug proble­m

Hostages to fortune

There is an obviou­s and inhere­nt risk attach­ed to any announ­cement that the sanctu­aries of all terror­ist groups­

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