FATF and Pakistan

We live in an era where propag­anda where percep­tions have to be manufa­ctured to oversh­adow facts

Will, vision and capacity

PM Imran has talked much about provid­ing ease of doing busine­ss, both for foreig­n and local busine­ssmen

Asking for sun at midnight?

The state of civic infras­tructu­re and of civic servic­es is worsen­ing by the day

Ill-timed opposition

It appear­s as if the power strugg­le and person­al dislik­es overri­de the callin­gs and demand­s of the nation­al intere­st

Contrasting tales

Even though women make up more than half of the countr­y’s popula­tion, they are kept out of key decisi­on-making areas

Fight against polio


There's an urgent need to work agains­t supers­tition & mistru­st among the genera­l public agains­t anti-polio vaccin­ation

Amazon fires

Wildfi­res are a natura­l phenom­enon happen­ing in forest­s from the Amazon to our own in Galiya­t

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