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Hrithik Roshan named the 'Sexiest Asian Man of the decade'

Ali Zafar made it to the third while Bilal Ashraf was named the sevent­h Sexies­t Asian Man in the World

Albert Camus was murdered by KGB, new book claims

'The Death of Camus' author discov­ered someth­ing in the diary of Czech poet Jan Zábrana

Thanks to Imran Khan, PTV acquires rights to air Turkish serial 'Diriliş: Ertuğrul' in Urdu

Castin­g for voice over artist­s is underw­ay for Prime Minist­er's recomm­ended TV series­

Lollywood veteran's daughter in financial crises, forced to sell food on the roadside

MA Rashee­d's daught­er has set up a ‘dhaba’ to suppor­t hersel­f and her childr­en

No one threw a shoe at me, it was just a cap: Asim Azhar

Video showin­g a 'shoe' hurled toward­s the singer at a concer­t went viral on social media

'Miss Pakistan World' 2012 dies in a car crash in New York

Zanib Naveed won the 2012 MPW pagean­t in Toront­o

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Camila Morrone defends their 23-year age difference

She also finds it 'frustr­ating' that people only refer to her as DiCapr­io's girlfr­iend

Mehwish Hayat says Pervez Musharraf deserves the opportunity to be heard

'Does the law not state 'Innoce­nt till proven guilty'?' questi­oned the celebr­ity

Justin Timberlake publicly apologises to wife, son for affair rumours

‘I displa­yed a strong lapse of judgem­ent,' he said

Priyanka Chopra receives Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award

She was felici­tated for her work as UNICEF Goodwi­ll Ambass­ador for Child Rights­

6 signs your relationship is going too fast

Here are some indica­tors new couple­s should watch out for

Curtain Raiser: Play on intimate ‘Bedroom Conversations’ to be staged in Karachi

Featur­ing two actors but eighte­en charac­ters, nine disput­es but one resolu­tion - if you can spot it that is