Combining health and technology - a pandemic plus

Over the past year, Pakistan has seen an increase in tech-based healthcare solutions

Updated Apr 08, 2021
Six dry fruits you must have daily to look and feel amazing

Having them for breakfast is bound to amp your body, energy and appearance

Updated Apr 07, 2021
5 tips to stay fit this Ramzan

From reducing portions of your meals to lowering caffeine intake, here is everything you need to start this month

Updated Apr 07, 2021
Microbiologists lauded for services during pandemic

Experts state that had it not been for them, the pandemic death toll would have been significantly higher

Updated Apr 03, 2021
The TEdit guide to sleeping well

Follow these tips for a good night's sleep

Updated Mar 26, 2021
Collective responsibility to comply with Covid SOPs: SAPM on health

Special assistant reveals that the positivity ratio has doubled from 4.5% to 9.5% in the last few days

Updated Mar 20, 2021
AKUH offers govt supplied Covid vaccine free of charge

Service can be availed by appointment only and for those citizens who have been registered, says statement

Updated Mar 18, 2021
Drink up: Healthy reasons to consume coffee everyday

Coffee aficionados worldwide rejoice as researchers deem it one of the healthiest beverages

Updated Mar 16, 2021
The Health Edit: Understanding PCOS

A quick guide to understanding PCOS

Updated Mar 12, 2021
Lifebuoy's #TumMazbootHo initiative encourages mothers to raise strong daughters

SPONSORED: Lifebuoy partners with Ministry of Human Rights to promote girl education

Updated Mar 09, 2021

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  • Littering

    It looks as if littering has turned into our collective habit

  • Violation of SOPs

    While the vaccination process in the country is proceeding pretty slowly, the authorities must focus on getting the public comply with the SOPs

  • An apartheid state

    The world community must take Mr Deif’s words seriously and impose sanctions on the Israeli state institutions

  • Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

    I hope that the workforce associated with the housing scheme will leave no stone unturned for making it a great success

  • Honking horns

    Pakistan needs to formulate proper traffic rules and focus on sternly implementing them so that the culture of loud and queer-sounding horns is curbed

  • Enforcement of laws

    When abeyance of law is at the discretion of individuals, then a society degenerates and chaos is likely to occur

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