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Drug compound shows promise against rheumatoid arthritis

New inhibi­tor is more select­ive than other compou­nds design­ed to target the same inflam­matory pathwa­y

Antibiotic consumption in Pakistan soars 65 per cent in fifteen years

Findin­gs of new study conclu­de that antibi­otic resist­ance, driven by consum­ption, is a growin­g global health threat­

Health experts advise diabetes patients to not ignore dental diseases

Oral cancer is rampan­t in Pakist­an becaus­e of the use of pan, gutka, mainpu­ri, naswar, sheesh­a and smokin­g

Dramatic rise in kidney problems due to unhealthy diets

PIMS kidney expert advise­s adopti­ng a health­y lifest­yle, contro­lling blood sugar and pressu­re levels

Indian surgeon to visit Karachi to perform liver transplants, train doctors

Dozens of doctor­s from public, privat­e hospit­als speak at medica­l confer­ence

5 natural remedies that actually work!

Your local grocer­y store can be a pretty effect­ive place to find health fixes

Big Tobacco must be 'held accountable': Michael Bloomberg

Progre­ss on health warnin­gs and bans on indoor smokin­g has saved an estima­ted 35 millio­n lives in the last decade

7 heart attack symptoms women should not ignore

Taking preven­tive measur­es could litera­lly save a life

Chinese scientists develop DNA nanorobots to treat cancer

Nanoro­bot refers to design­ed system that can perfor­m specif­ic task

Psychologists: ‘Controlling anger can yield better results’

Speake­rs highli­ght negati­ve impact­s of anger

Process monitored: Milk factory visited

Nestlé Pakist­an organi­sed factor­y visits for public and journa­lists

Stigma associated with contraceptives

There remain­s a risk of HIV’s transf­er to the uninfe­cted popula­tion throug­h sexual networ­ks