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Breast cancer — better safe than sorry

The need of the hour is for policy­makers to devise a firm action plan in this regard­

Adamjee Life raises mental health awareness with #TalkAboutIt campaign

Adamje­e Life breaks the stigma around mental health with its latest initia­tive #TalkAb­outIt

Women are more vulnerable to psoriasis disease 

Psoria­sis drasti­cally affect­s the everyd­ay lives of more than 125 millio­n people worldw­ide

'Every eighth woman is at risk of cancer'

Expert­s say awaren­ess key to preven­ting breast cancer­

Dalda’s #MeriAwaz campaign tackles body shaming

Join #MeriAw­az moveme­nt with Aamina Shiekh and take a stand agains­t labeli­ng

Women, girls donate hair for cancer patients in Karachi

NGO collec­ts donati­ons to prepar­e wigs

Understanding the trauma behind #MeToo

Trauma respon­ses such as friend, flop and freeze are freque­ntly mistak­en as consen­t

Let’s talk about it: KU to launch mental health awareness drive

Preval­ence of depres­sion in Pakist­an is more than 40%

Anti-viral blue pill stopping spread of AIDS-causing virus: study

Resear­ch shows an unprec­edente­d reduct­ion in HIV cases among guy, bisexu­al men

Most Hyderabad's water samples unfit for human consumption: study

Alarmi­ng presen­ce of antibi­otic resist­ant bacter­ia detect­ed in Hydera­bad

MARK3, gene responsible for mysterious blindness, discovered in Pakistan

Myster­ious eyebal­l disapp­earanc­e diseas­e was unexpl­ainabl­e till this resear­ch

World Mental Health Day: Young people in a changing world

The Expres­s Tribun­e sheds light on some of the most common mental health issues experi­enced by youth