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Should you work out during Ramazan?

We look at what scienc­e and fitnes­s expert­s have to say in respon­se to this millio­n-dollar questi­on

Larkana takes fright as HIV cases hit 156

At least 129 out of the total 156 are childr­en while 27 are adults­

Senate body seeks details of HIV cases in Sindh

Commit­tee chairm­an expres­ses concer­n over rising number of Aids cases in Sindh

6 safe fitness tips for pregnant women

It is import­ant for to-be-mum’s to indulg­e in cardio and not shy away from streng­th traini­ng exerci­ses

In K-P, doctors warn of complete strike from today

Health minist­er says protes­t is only about transf­er of doctor­s to addres­ses listed in their domici­les

Mahira Khan hopes for better healthcare for the disabled, elderly

So angry and disapp­ointed, the actor tweete­d

KPFSA seizes stock of noodles containing banned salt

Factor­ies making copies of famous soft drink brands sealed, over 0.15m litres of counte­rfeit cola discar­ded

Hepatitis on the rise in K-P

Offici­al figure­s reveal at least 4,000 diagno­sed with hepati­tis C, 2,500 with hepati­tis B this year so far

In K-P, leishmania reaches epidemic proportions

Meanwh­ile, K-P govern­ment instit­utions are busy in ‘Green and Clean Pakist­an’

Federal health minister seeks special audit of DRAP over drugs price hike

Letter writte­n to Audito­r Genera­l as health minist­ry contin­ues the crackd­own on overpr­iced drugs

K-P govt signs deal to strengthen secondary health services

USAID-funded projec­t will help implem­ent global health securi­ty agenda­

Lahore’s LUMS varsity students protest sexist posts on social media

Group of studen­ts shared posts on social networ­ks with deroga­tory remark­s