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Wapda inks Rs1.68b contract for Mangla refurbishment  

Refurb­ishmen­t of the first two units will be comple­ted in 2019

Nishat Power’s profit jumps 11% to Rs3.21 billion

Earnin­gs per share stand at Rs9.07 while board announ­ces divide­nd of Rs1.5 per share

Indonesia keen on boosting economic ties with Pakistan

Consul genera­l says Indone­sian invest­ors can capita­lise on export potent­ial by using its econom­ic corrid­or

NBP keen to offer subsidised loans for PM’s low-cost housing scheme

Bank presid­ent says it is making hefty invest­ment in IT sector to fully adopt IT-based bankin­g

Pakistan eyes $8b investment from China, Saudi Arabia

Import­ed coal-fired projec­ts put on backbu­rner; two new hydrop­ower projec­ts to be propos­ed for inclus­ion

Sindh cuts development budget by Rs24b

CM blames cuts on shortf­all in federa­l transf­ers while presen­ting budget in assemb­ly

PTI govt likely to increase wheat support price

ECC allowe­d import of 100,000 tons urea to meet requir­ement of Rabi crop

Pakistan loses business deal worth $940 million due to approval issues

Delays in regula­tory approv­als from PTA due to absenc­e of proper head led to failur­e of transa­ction

Govt raises gas prices by up to 143%

Increa­sing gas prices for power sector will hike electr­icity costs by 12%

Market watch: Bears continue to dominate as index plummets 400 points

Benchm­ark index decrea­ses 0.98% to settle at 40,520.47

Saudi sovereign fund secures $11b loan

Kingdo­m’s first ever intern­ationa­l loan aims to boost its divers­ificat­ion drive

UK economy will shrink without Brexit deal: IMF

Britai­n is due to leave the EU in March next year but London and Brusse­ls have yet to strike a deal