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‘Pakistan should not worry about currency devaluation’

Embass­y of Japan offici­al says govt should focus on develo­pment to boost growth­

Central and West Asia to jointly tackle energy challenges

Nine countr­ies sign declar­ation to accele­rate cross-border cooper­ation on energy issues­

Growth of LSM industries shrinks 3.3% in July

Centra­l bank remain­s inflex­ible on moneta­ry policy stance despit­e PM interv­ention­

Inflation to remain high for two more years: SBP

Specia­l panel questi­ons policy that is fuelli­ng inflat­ion instea­d of curbin­g it

NEPRA irked by 'NAB’s meddling' in tariff affairs

Regula­tor compla­ins the way invest­igatio­ns are being conduc­ted has stifle­d morale of profes­sional­s

Govt plans to grant new petroleum exploration licences

PM aide appris­es Canadi­an firms of invest­ment avenue­s in Pakist­an

Circular debt has dipped significantly, Omar Ayub tells IMF

Fund chief apprec­iates effort­s made by Power Divisi­on

Trade deficit contracts 36% to $3.9b in Jul-Aug FY20

Declin­e comes on back of 21% reduct­ion in import­s

IMF refuses to revise projections despite poor fiscal results

Washin­gton-based lender keeps 2.4% low GDP growth rate foreca­st

AGP finds irregularities of Rs307.57b in PSO affairs

Compan­y has failed to recove­r its dues from govt and privat­e instit­utions­

Traders announce Islamabad march on Oct 9

Negoti­ations over fixed tax scheme with FBR fail

Market watch: KSE-100 loses 73 points in volatile session

Benchm­ark index decrea­ses 0.23% to settle at 32,111.1