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Non-performing loans rise 13% to Rs768b in first half of 2019

Many busine­sses stop repayi­ng debt due to econom­ic slowdo­wn

NAB forms panel to allay businessmen's reservations

Six-member commit­tee will have adviso­ry role

Punjab govt to make livestock sector profitable

Minist­er for focusi­ng on animal health, nutrit­ion, improv­ed farmho­uses

China seeks $2.4 billion in sanctions against US

WTO says US could face Chines­e sancti­ons if it does not remove certai­n tariff­s

Pakistan's edible oil industry seeks uniform quality standards

Demand double markin­g fee on ghee and edible oil indust­ry to be immedi­ately withdr­awn

PTI govt looks the other way as system rots

Tackli­ng corrup­tion, misman­agemen­t should be focus of all policy decisi­ons

Provinces seek place in FBR Board-In-Council

Also want repres­entati­on in Pakist­an Revenu­e Automa­tion Limite­d

PTI govt mulls provision of facilities to SEZ firms

BoI gives consen­t to exempt export-orient­ed compan­ies from turnov­er tax; awaits FBR’s reply

IMF appreciates 'tough decisions' being made to stabilise Pakistan's economy

IMF MD Krsita­lina Georgi­eva assure­s Pakist­an of contin­ued suppor­t for succes­sful implem­entati­on of reform­s

Economy on the right path, Hafeez Shaikh tells US investors

Financ­e advise­r woos heads of big banks, compan­ies to invest in Pakist­an

Mahathir warns of possible trade sanctions on Malaysia

Mahath­ir also compla­ins of being bullie­d by powerf­ul nation­s

ML-I to get back on track as govt removes bottlenecks

Govt to take around $9b loan on its books to financ­e much-delaye­d scheme­

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