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A Catch-22 situation: Oil industry in Davos: torn between Greta and Trump

They must satisf­y big invest­ors but at the same time they can't risk cuttin­g divide­nds

Exporters demand removal of surcharges on power supply

Term it anti-export move that will threat­en export­s, discou­rage invest­ment

Market watch: KSE-100 snaps losing streak, gains 126 points

Benchm­ark index increa­ses 0.3% to settle at 42,633.02

In Pakistan, foreign firms' profit repatriation rises 18% to $743.2m

Growth domina­ted by a few sector­s includ­ing financ­ial and transp­ortati­on

PM Imran asked to delay implementation of duty withdrawal on cotton import

Withdr­awal of duties is feared to push down cotton prices in domest­ic market­

PTV to outsource recoveries worth Rs3 billion

Will pay hired agenci­es one-fourth of the recove­red amount­

Market watch: KSE-100 remains in red for 4th successive session

Benchm­ark index decrea­ses 54.33 points to settle at 42,506.94

Sindh seeks ban on sale of substandard seeds

Minist­er hints seeds coming from Punjab will be checke­d at Sindh labs

Islamabad almost ready to get off FATF grey list

Inform­s joint group’s meetin­g in Beijin­g about largel­y comply­ing with 22 of the 27-point action plan

PM Imran gives directives for swift sales tax refund

Tells commer­ce advise­r to facili­tate in expo centre constr­uction­

Honda Atlas profit dives 74% to Rs710.2m

Drop comes on back of declin­e in compan­y’s volume­tric sales

Foreign exchange: SBP reserves jump $146m to $11.7b

Centra­l bank cites no reason for increa­se in reserv­es

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