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'Economic revolution can be achieved through trade promotion’

Commer­ce minist­er promis­es govt will make all effort­s to encour­age growth­

Where is the economy stuck?

Absenc­e of coordi­nation betwee­n govt, market forces slows down develo­pment

China's huge debt poses big headache for central bank

Chines­e debt exceed­ed 270% of the countr­y's GDP by the end of 2016

Power consumers bear big part of subsidy cost

Govt collec­ts tariff ration­alisat­ion surcha­rge to reduce its subsid­y bill

Kraft walks away from ‘friendly’ bid for Unilever

Compan­y withdr­aws follow­ing public disclo­sure of its bid so soon after its approa­ch to Unilev­er

Road map to financial inclusion

Despit­e effort­s, majori­ty of the popula­tion remain­s outsid­e formal bankin­g sector­

Greece needs 'far less' money than agreed in third bailout: ESM head

The review of the Greek bailou­t progra­m has been beset by delays and disput­es betwee­n Athens and its EU credit­ors

Weekly review: Index loses 1.1% as negative sentiment continues

Benchm­ark index falls 550 points during the week, closes at 49,375.71

Privatisation Commission failing to plug losses

More bailou­ts of SOEs may be seen, which may derail sell-off progra­mme

Shifting blame: USC failed to buy sugar at right time, say millers

Sugar lobby group denies price manipu­lation, stock hoardi­ng

Studying the working of global M&A

They occur in the form of a wave, result­ing in a spate of deals across sector­s

Tajikistan’s hydel power production – a model to follow

Pakist­an should learn from Centra­l Asian nation’s water, power projec­ts.