What do closer Russia-Pakistan ties mean for the region?

The Indian media is reporting that New Delhi is worried about the developing relations between Russia and Pakistan

Updated Apr 28, 2021
Why Pakistan should take inspiration from the Irish constitution

The most stark similarities with the Irish constitution were the limitations placed on minorities

Updated Apr 28, 2021
The prospects of a Pakistan-Tajikistan strategic partnership

Pakistan’s geostrategic location enables it to facilitate Tajikistan’s access to the wider global economy via CPEC

Updated Apr 26, 2021
How Maulana Wahiduddin Khan rescued Islam from political utopians

He tried to rescue his faith from the clutches of political utopians who read into Islam a complete political system

Updated Apr 24, 2021
Why my uterus deserves empathy

Health sectors need to develop educational programmes to teach boys and girls about reproductive health before puberty

Updated Apr 23, 2021
Why Pakistan’s new finance minister should focus on growth-based development

Pakistan has witnessed recurring boom and bust cycles, with every successive government asking the IMF for a bailout

Updated Apr 21, 2021
How will the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan impact the region?

Under the current trajectory of events, Afghanistan’s future remains quite precarious

Updated Apr 20, 2021
What are the double standards of Holocaust denial and Islamophobia?

Those who sincerely believe in Western democratic principles should praise Khan for calling out those governments

Updated Apr 19, 2021
The enduring legacy of Helga Ahmad – Pakistan’s pioneering environmentalist

She successfully pioneered the use of biogas digesters in Pakistan decades ago

Updated Apr 17, 2021
Is there a need for ancillary services for new parents?

Health professionals have not fully understood how important it is to focus on the journey of parenthood holistically

Updated Apr 16, 2021

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  • Littering

    It looks as if littering has turned into our collective habit

  • Violation of SOPs

    While the vaccination process in the country is proceeding pretty slowly, the authorities must focus on getting the public comply with the SOPs

  • An apartheid state

    The world community must take Mr Deif’s words seriously and impose sanctions on the Israeli state institutions

  • Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

    I hope that the workforce associated with the housing scheme will leave no stone unturned for making it a great success

  • Honking horns

    Pakistan needs to formulate proper traffic rules and focus on sternly implementing them so that the culture of loud and queer-sounding horns is curbed

  • Enforcement of laws

    When abeyance of law is at the discretion of individuals, then a society degenerates and chaos is likely to occur

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