Why was Zalmay Khalilzad’s resignation the right thing to do?

With Khalilzad out of the picture, his successor has the chance to flexibly adapt to the new reality that he inherited

Updated 9 hours ago
How can Pakistan help international aid efforts for Afghanistan?

The simple disbursement of aid to Afghanistan isn’t enough since such efforts should be sustainable

Updated Oct 15, 2021
What did ISIS-K try to achieve with its Kunduz suicide attack?

ISIS-K’s modus operandi in Afghanistan appears to be the triggering of a sectarian conflict there

Updated Oct 12, 2021
Why China supposedly taking over Bagram Air Base is fake news

There’s no reason at this point why Chinese troops should be put in harm’s way to fight the ETIM and other terrorists

Updated Oct 07, 2021
The meteoric rise of Bangladesh

The GDP per capita of Bangladesh is close to India and exceeds that of Pakistan.

Updated Oct 05, 2021
How the Afghan Taliban achieved their takeover of Afghanistan

For their part, the Taliban strategy revolved largely around encircling and capturing key strongpoints

Updated Oct 05, 2021
PTI’s economic deja vu

The government must realise that external account imbalances cannot be sustainably financed by foreign remittances

Updated Oct 04, 2021
How to solve Pakistan’s energy crisis

Home grown geothermal power has the potential to give the country a much needed boost in fulfilling its energy demands

Updated Oct 01, 2021
The importance of improved Russian-Pakistani military relations

Their “military diplomacy” vis-a-vis Afghanistan also occupies a special significance for their respective governments

Updated Oct 01, 2021
Can the Afghan Taliban learn from their greatest Sheikh?

According to Husain Ahmad Madani, only a draconian state could enforce Islamic conformity given Muslims’ own diversity

Updated Sep 28, 2021

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