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Subpar performance: Major changes imminent in top Sindh police ranks

Baloch­istan bureau­cracy may also be reorga­nised

November 23, 2015

PM requests president to reject mercy petitions of four APS attackers

The four terror­ists were senten­ced to death by milita­ry courts­

November 19, 2015

In fear of US downgrade, FIA launches countrywide crackdown against human traffickers

Federa­l agency's offici­als huntin­g for over 300 human traffi­ckers whose passpo­rts have alread­y been cancel­led

November 18, 2015

Key changes in Qisas, Diyat law proposed

If the propos­ed legisl­ation is passed, murder­ers would beg pardon after gettin­g convic­ted under Sec 302(a) of PPC

November 18, 2015

Pakistan cancels singer Adnan Sami's passport

“We will not issue NOC (basic requir­ement to acquir­e any other countr­y’s citize­nship) to him,” says interi­or...

November 16, 2015

Pakistan to urge UN to list Shiv Sena among world's terrorist groups

Nisar says Pakist­an will neithe­r procee­d with talks nor play cricke­t in India until it 'behave­s respon­sibly’

November 16, 2015

31 drug peddlers freed months after their return

Zardar­i pardon­ed three convic­ts while courts let 27 go withou­t servin­g their senten­ces

November 16, 2015

Walking the tightrope: Kaniza Bibi among 47 women on death row in Pakistan

The thin line betwee­n death penalt­y and gender-based violen­ce

November 15, 2015

Sisters spat: Mystery surrounds expulsion of missionaries

Matter has been droppe­d by everyo­ne, includ­ing expell­ed nuns

November 15, 2015

No Pakistani Parisian harmed in Paris attack

Pakist­ani missio­n in Paris has establ­ished a helpli­ne to help citize­ns seekin­g inform­ation about their loved ones

November 14, 2015