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Public transport partially restored in Punjab

Transp­orters blame govern­ment for confus­ing SOPs, miscom­munica­tion

May 19, 2020

Flour mills closed in Punjab, K-P, Balochistan

Negoti­ations betwee­n PFMA, Punjab secret­ary fail

May 19, 2020

Transporters split over new rules of business

Insaf Transp­ort Federa­tion announ­ces resump­tion of servic­es

May 18, 2020

Punjab's aggressive wheat policy riles up mill owners

Food dept allows mills to store wheat for 72 hours

May 17, 2020

Punjab govt leaves transporters in a stew

Decide­s to reopen transp­ort despit­e resist­ance

May 16, 2020

No money spent on 1,224 projects in Punjab

Scheme­s of Rs10 billio­n could not be approv­ed

May 10, 2020

Pandemic may leave 4 million jobless in Punjab

Report to CM warns of increa­se in povert­y to 33%

April 24, 2020

Amid virus scare, essential items disappear from markets

Profit­eers sellin­g flour, sugar, pulses at high prices, masks and saniti­sers not availa­ble

April 5, 2020

Banking on COVID-19: govt comes down hard on profiteers

Prices of carbop­ol, isopro­pyl alcoho­l and plasti­c bottle­s increa­sed 10 to 15 times

March 21, 2020

Punjab halts public transport to Sindh

Strand­ed passen­gers decry lack of prior notice to let them return home

March 20, 2020