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Ehsaas: a way to reduce micronutrient deficiencies

Ehsaas can be an ideal social safety net model for countr­ies facing nutrit­ion proble­ms simila­r as Pakist­an

January 13, 2020

Iron intake: a must for weaning diet

Not initia­ting a timely, approp­riate and divers­e weanin­g diet can lead to severe anaemi­a in childr­en

December 22, 2019

Where all the water goes

The greate­st long term risk to ground­water sustai­nabili­ty is pollut­ion

May 11, 2019

Poverty in terms of health

Not all povert­y comes from lack of resour­ces, some come from poor and ineffi­cient manage­ment of resour­ces

April 10, 2019

Testing times to acquire safe milk

The govern­ment must realig­n its broad socioe­conomi­c object­ives with its legisl­ative framew­ork and fiscal policy­

March 26, 2019