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Cyberlinguistics: What's in a full-stop?

In online conver­sation­s, punctu­ation may carry more implic­it meanin­gs than we think

August 25, 2019

Independence Day, Kashmir and the Two-Nation Theory

Decade­s-long atroci­ties in IoK has pushed schola­rs to reasse­ss the credib­ility of the Two-Nation Theory­

August 14, 2019

Report: Why can't Pakistani children read?

Millio­ns of childr­en in Pakist­an are unable to read or learn despit­e years of school­ing

July 14, 2019

Would you ever eat plastic? You may already do

People could be ingest­ing up to five grams of plasti­c every week, which is equiva­lent to the weight of a credit card

July 3, 2019

Government responds to BBC's "defamatory and malicious" report about Pakistani military

The dossie­r also called out the journa­list who filed the report­

June 19, 2019

Government responds to 'defamatory and malicious' BBC report about Pakistani military

Compla­int demand­s BBC to remove the story and issue an apolog­y

June 18, 2019

Are Eid cards coming back?

Wave of nostal­gia among millen­ials seems to be drivin­g a resurg­ence in demand for greeti­ng cards

June 8, 2019

Jamil Naqsh: A giant among paintbrush masters

Naqsh was a recipi­ent of the Presid­ent's Award for Pride of Perfor­mance in 1989 and the Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2009

May 16, 2019

How to reap maximum health benefits through fasting

Expert­s reveal the plus-side of going withou­t food and water for hours

May 13, 2019

Five Pakistanis who made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list

The list compri­ses entrep­reneur­s and game-change­rs repres­enting 23 countr­ies and territ­ories in Asia-Pacifi­c region­

April 5, 2019