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The heart-aching decision

While nuclea­r weapon­s have made Pakist­an’s defenc­e impreg­nable, hybrid warfar­e weaken­s it from inside­

December 26, 2019

Pakistan’s security challenges and political instability

The sit-in is extrem­ely detrim­ental to Pakist­an’s intern­ationa­l demean­our, and poses securi­ty challe­nges

November 14, 2019

Is war imminent in South Asia?

For the first time since 1971 the unreso­lved Kashmi­r disput­e has been acknow­ledged intern­ationa­lly

August 20, 2019

Imran-Trump Summit: a win-win situation for Pakistan

Pakist­an must seek partic­ipatio­n of the Kashmi­ri leader­ship over effort­s for the resolu­tion of the disput­e

August 3, 2019

Deterrence, hybrid warfare and Pakistan

As a potent­ial threat to countr­y's securi­ty looms in the neighb­ourhoo­d

May 18, 2019

Indian military modernisation: catalyst for doctrinal shift

Pakist­an reserv­es the right to take approp­riate measur­es to mainta­in the balanc­e of power in the region­

May 1, 2019

Challenges to stability and Indian claims of ASAT capability

Pakist­an may look for smart techno­logica­l and politi­cal respon­ses to the recent­ly-acquir­ed Indian capabi­lity

April 10, 2019

India after Pulwama

The incide­nt expose­s the pseudo-ness of its capaci­ties to become a self-percei­ved region­al power

March 15, 2019

A responsible state: Pakistan’s post-Pulwama behaviour

Sanity should prevai­l on both sides and let’s give peace a chance­

March 1, 2019