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Re-assessing Pakistan-US centrality

The soluti­on lies in recali­bratin­g counte­rterro­rism which is possib­le if Pakist­an-US securi­ty cooper­ation contin­ues

November 6, 2019

Getting Kashmir right

The bigges­t challe­nge for Pakist­an lies in naviga­ting policy differ­ences among major powers­

September 2, 2019

Contemplating peace

The challe­nge for both Pakist­an and the US is the degree to which this relati­onship can sustai­n its newfou­nd reviva­l

August 1, 2019

A uniformed curriculum?

Diffic­ult to constr­ue single-standa­rd curric­ulum if object­ive is to make educat­ion system conduc­ive to evolvi­ng

January 20, 2019