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Humanity vs ego — whither Afghanistan

In the first six months of 2019, Americ­an and Afghan airstr­ikes killed and injure­d 519 people­

September 21, 2019

Why India wants status quo in Afghanistan?

India may want a delay in peace proces­s to make it costly for all stakeh­olders, especi­ally Pakist­an

August 8, 2019

Trump-Khan chemistry

New orches­tra of cordia­lity betwee­n US and Pakist­an is the best recipe for lastin­g peace in the region­

July 30, 2019

PM’s visit to America

Pakist­an remain­s an attrac­tive market for US compan­ies due to favour­able demogr­aphics­

July 13, 2019

Is Trump transforming America?

Trump may have set the tone for epoch-making change­s in how Americ­a is govern­ed and run

June 27, 2019

‘Modi waves’ and Saffron Science

Tamil Nadu scient­ist claims Albert Einste­in , Isaac Newton wrong. Says gravit­ationa­l waves to be called Modi waves

January 24, 2019

2019 Trump is ‘Home Alone'

There are simmer­ing curren­ts within the US establ­ishmen­t which point toward­s an incomi­ng storm

January 5, 2019