Blogs from Zohaib Butt

  • Heera Mandi: Scarlet secrets of Lahore

    There is a dark gali where every naughty boy considers going and every gentleman fears to go. We call it Sinner’s Street.

  • Rebuilding an emperor's dream

    Akbari gate is more of a junkyard than a cultural heritage site. The unfortunate story of the gate is that it was demolished by the British during the Raj.

  • An iron gate to a city of dreams

    Let me be your guide to the walled city. I will walk with you to the narrow lanes of Lohari Gate through Lahore, the city I was born in. Walking towards the gate, we are surrounded by the Lahori bazaar. You can see outstanding ancient architecture, wooden balconies, beautiful carving on doors and windows but this architectural heritage has been brutally defaced.

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